Forza Motorsport 4 the racing game that has set records and has been known for beautiful detail but just how good is it to a racer gamer?

Graphics: Slick cars looks real on the inside and out fells like im accutaly driving a car even though in real life I cant yet but this fells real.

Control: Being behind the wheel of a Ferrari going super fast trying not to wreck with the realistic driving as you go fast. or any other car in the game.

Sound: Forza sounds so real behind the wheel of the car and even in different views.

Customization: From fenders to paint jobs Forza as the ultimate workshop to create your own custom cars.

Carrer mode: It is pretty much the same to Forza 3 with a few more features but thats not a problem its a great way to race.

Multiplayer: Racing agiasnt people all over the world in the most realistic car game to date was my favorite part going head to head on the last lap stress getting to you and then….BOOM! You just barly win and prepare for next race.

Final Verdict: As the best racing game ive ever played in my life yet with just beautiful engine work thumbs up to Microsoft as this is there best game so far this year this a must buy for gamers you love racing and just a pure xbox 360 fan you need this and I fuled up Forza 4 with a 9 amazing racing game.



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