The 6 Best Myths About Gamers

1. All Gamers Are Geeks.(Not true gamers are actually some of the coolest people on earth.)

2. All Gamers are anti-social – Actually, Many gamers are the opposite, you just have to talk about a topic that interests them( Hint, Video games).

3. All video gamers do not have life’s- Incorrect again, Gamers juggle families, work and life while still leaving time to escape reality.

4. All gamers live at home in their parents basements…… :0 wrong.  Some Gamers can have their own pads too. Even though you may find a section dedicated to video games.

5. All Gamers are broke. Wrong again. Some gamers have their own bank accounts, and are able to purchase the latest releases.

6. All video gamers do not keep up with the latest clothing trends. Not True. Gamers embrace various styles of clothing. You have some who prefer Urban wear, while others prefer to be more casual. It all depends on the person.

Could you think of anymore? Share them!!!!! Has anyone ever assumed any of these about you?

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