Starhawk EULA Updated: Gameplay Videos Sanctioned Officially (Again)

Starhawk’s EULA agreement has been updated with the recent 1.0.3 update to the Starhawk Private Beta reminding testers that they are not only allowed, but also encouraged to record their gameplay, discuss their opinions on the game, give feedback on balance, points, gameplay mechanics, or just get the word out there overall.


This is a great chance for Starhawk to become seen by a larger mainstream audience than predecessor Warhawk was able to capture the attention of. While Warhawk lived on to become an icon in multiplayer gaming for those who stuck with it, many were turned away by the game’s steep learning curve and overall domination over new players before the implementation of ‘noob servers’ a.k.a. Rookie servers.

Most beta tests will have their testers agreeing to an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement clause in their EULA that would discourage any gameplay recording or even critical discussion of the game in the general public media. Starhawk’s developers at Lightbox have decided to take a more open approach to feedback and footage distribution and seemingly opened the floodgates!

If you have yourself a way in to the Starhawk beta and have been wanting to record gameplay videos, you’re in the clear!

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