Microsoft Buys Video Search Company for Upcoming Xbox 360 On-Demand Video Service

Like how your cable box glitches and struggles to change channels without latency? Oh. Well Microsoft doesn’t either apparently. They are working with integration on their newly purchased company VideoSurf (rumored to have cost them $100 million) to enable a Bing video search to work over their newly announced Internet Protocol Television solution. To translate that into english: your Xbox 360 can become your cable box with this new service, hypothetically.

GamaSutra also identifies a number of “40 major entertainment partners, including Comcast, Verizon, HBO, Syfy and Bravo.”

We will find out when Microsoft brings out their next dashboard update and entertainment service upgrades what this is really going to be like. For now we wait and watch Netflix teetering on a crash and burn if Microsoft can knock this out of the park for Xbox Live.

It was only a matter of time for some one to approach the cable companies for programming in a streaming, on-demand fashion, but will it be enough to compete with the industry-leading Blu-Ray standard and the PlayStation Store’s superior number of major hollywood film publishers?

via GamaSutra

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