You Know You Were Thinking It! Part 2

Welcome back to You Know You Were Thinking It! a series from Deon Lofton of where Deon will be exposing those hidden thoughts that are in the back of every gamer’s mind.

1. Is camping really the future of First Person Shooters? I hope not.

2. Duke Nukem? Who? Remind me who that is again? (Here’s a video  for those of you who may be a little young for this one.)


3. Ever wonder what’s really on Link’s mind as he is roaming through the forest?…………. It’s probably not what you think (hint, hint).

4. We all have played a game that was very difficult. For me, that game was Final Fantasy 7.  I am still stuck in the factory, 15 years later – talk about difficult.


5. What’s up with these video game system intial startup times? First the beep (on PS3), then the noise of the fan (on Xbox 360), then the logo. I mean, you can practically make a cup of coffee before the system finishes loading – just saying. Here’s to hoping the next generation will be faster!

6. So, who won the battle? Battlefield 3 or Call Of Duty? The numbers speak for themselves.

7. I see Fat Princess is still eating that cake! She can’t get enough.

8. Ok I mentioned him before but, didn’t Dom from the Gears of War series deserve to live? I mean, his wife was tormented by the Locust – woudn’t that be enough? I can see it now, a Gears of War spin- off featuring Dom as the main Character! But it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part, I guess.

9. Who’s really going to win the battle? Street Fighter or Tekken? I Guess we will have to wait and see.

10. Do boobs really help sell a game? I think so. We will probably find out when we see how well Soul Calibur V does.

11. With all the fighting games were seeing this year, one has to wonder, where is Virtua Fighter 6?

12. Speaking of fighting, where is Battle Arena Toshinden? Sophia’s whip will put Ivy under submission.

13. CJ has been away from the scene for a long time. He’s probably hanging  out with his crew underground. He was the best GTA character right up there next to Luis Lopez.

 You Know You Were Thinking It!

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