Australia Finally Gets R18+ Rating

Australian gamers have long since battled for this day to come and it is finally here. Today the Australian government announced the R18+ rating will be approved for the video game industry. For those that don’t know, the R18+ rating is the equivalent to an M rated game in America. This is regarded as a game for adults, and when purchased usually a form of ID is presented or a parent/guardian’s consent is requested otherwise the purchase is turned down to minors.

In Australia they haven’t had such a rating and instead games have been modified to culturally match a younger crowd. If this type of dumbing down of violence, blood, gore, etc. wasn’t effective enough to classify the game in the 15+ rating, the game would likely be banned from release.

Now that Australia has the R18+ rating system for available for game publishers to utilize, we should see a little less censoring of games and a little more parental awareness about the various different types of games and appropriate age groups.

“The amendments to the Classification Act 1995 and Broadcasting Services Act 1992 are expected to come into effect by January of next year.

The average age of gamers is 32 with women making up 47 per cent of Australian gamers.

The demand for an R18+ video game rating has been overwhelming.

The Attorney-General’s department received 58, 437 submissions in response to a discussion paper released last year, 98 per cent of which supported the introduction of an R 18 category.”


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