PlayStation Vita Gives Birth to Cross Platform Online and Universal Ownership

One of the PlayStation Vita’s strengths, which sets it apart from other handhelds, is its intimate bond to the PlayStation 3. PlayStation Vita gamers will be able to go face to face online with PlayStation 3 gamers over the PSN with Cross Platform Play.

Cross Platform DLC ownership is one of the other many fruits that Vita aims to deliver to loyal PSN gamers. Marvel VS Capcom 3 for PlayStation Vita will be among the games to sport the feature. If you buy the MvC3 DLC for your PS3 you get it for your PSV, no extra charge (and the opposite is true). Some DLC games will give you dual ownership as well, allowing you to avoid buying entire games twice in some cases.

Other early adopters of the feature include MotorStorm RC, Hustle Kings, Top Darts, WipEout HD, and HD Fury DLC for WipEout 2048 which are all Cross Platform Ownership enabled. Could this be a sign that digital distribution has its benefits after all?

The PlayStation Vita officially launches in the USA February 22, 2012 and is the first handheld to feature dual analog thumb-sticks, 3G/Wifi, and console quality graphics. If you’re too impatient to wait you can pick up the PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle.


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