Rumor: Xbox 8 Has Unreal Engine 4 and Windows 8 in its Arsenal

Mark Rein of Epic Games talked up the Unreal Engine as he announced at the DICE Summit that the soon-to-be-seen Unreal Engine 4 is “Already Running” on products he claimed could not be named at this time. Heavy speculation is pointing to the Next Generation Xbox, called the Xbox 720 by many as the name formed out of necessity and fan-base creativity. New updates on longstanding rumors point out a new potential naming scheme, Xbox 8.

This new development in combination with the notion that Windows 8 will allow gamers to play Xbox 360 (and assumedly ‘Xbox 8’) games on custom-built gaming PC’s paints a very interesting potential for Microsoft’s next-gen. Many critics of their decisions this generation have often called out for Microsoft to become a software entity in the gaming world and license out Xbox Live as a service rather than sell consoles.

This combined strategy of ‘Xbox 8’ and the universal log-in and games library for PC’s and consoles could be something similar to what we are seeing with Sony’s PS3 and Vita. Next Generation could be the generation when gamers reap the rewards from all the intense competition going on between Microsoft and Sony.

ThisIsXbox goes deeper into the details of the ‘Xbox 8’ naming scheme, and further reinforce longstanding rumors of cross-platform services from Microsoft Next Gen across console and PC. Imagine, being able to play Xbox 8 exclusives on your tricked out Windows 8 gaming rig. Even the potential of playing Xbox 360 exclusives across Windows 8 has been heavily mentioned.

Does this mean gaming is going multiplatform from both Microsoft and Sony? Does this mean that Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to the PC and finally admitting that Games for Windows Live is loathed at best by gamers and always has been? Only time will tell.

For now, take a look at the following excerpt from a recent article at ThisIsXbox:

“Recently we reported that alpha forms of the next-generation Xbox console which could be named “XBOX 8″ – not 8 because it’s the eighth Xbox, but because it’s the eighth generation home console and heavily shares the same software as upcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

It was reported to us that the next-gen console was on display by invite only during CES 2012, running a version of Battlefield 3 in next-gen visuals – most likely to be up on par with current high-spec gaming PC’s.

Microsoft previously reported that there will be no next-gen Xbox announcement at E3 2012, but then again we also remember the amount of times they denied an Xbox 360 Slim console before that was the surprise of E3 2010!” [ThisIsXbox]

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