Once Again, DLC Already On-Disc for a Capcom Game…

So the time has come where another game has been plagued by the controversial “on-disc DLC” condition. It shouldn’t come as any surprise being that this is a Capcom game. It was recently discovered, but long foretold that Street Fighter X Tekken has done DLC content that is partially or in some cases may be completely stored on the discs of the games themselves already (thus making unlocking it cost a fee even though you’re unlocking content you already own).

Despite the many complaints alraedy, to me, this isn’t really a big deal, or at least not more so than any other DLC. The fact is most DLC is made while the game is being made, regardless if they put it on your disc or not. At this point though, we all know what the fighting game niche is like and how Capcom treats their fans. If you didn’t see this coming you should get your eyes checked.

Cinemablend reports: “The news is spreading like wildfire, proving that all of the long-term DLC Capcom had planned for Street Fighter X Tekken is already on the disc. New gameplay footage and additional details confirm that the downloadable content on the Street Fighter X Tekken disc is completely accessible with the right tools.”

[CinemaBlend via GameGrep]

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