Halo 4 Rumor Roundup Part 2: New Details/Preview

If you missed the first Rumor Roundup from Tristan, check it out here.

As we all know Halo 4 is in the new Game Informer rumors and stuff is flying up everywhere so well talk about some real and some rumor in 343s coming up FPS and easily one of the most wanted games of the year Halo 4.

As we see in the picture above Master Chief’s new look is better than ever with his sleek new design which personally I like id like to hear your thoughts in the comments. Apparently as stated in my first Rumor post Chief will have more emotional tear if they do show it as it says in Game Informer I might see it being compared to something from Mass Effect 3.

Cortana and Chief will share there emotional bond more in this which as just friends or maybe even more its unclear at this point. Chief will also have more superhero like moments as he faces his destiny. Halo 4 takes place 4 years 3 months and 10 days after Halo 3.

The new HUD is supposed to give more of a 26th century fell to like your acutely using this tech and acutely one these super soldiers. There are gonna be a wide variety of weapons as you can see above the Battle Rifle is back.

Also old weapons such as the DMR and AR and Magnum and many more are coming back but tons of new weapons as well. The multiplayer will have custom load-outs not like Call of Duty’s custom class but more with Halos spin there will be tons of stuff. Stay tuned for more details in this area.

The games graphics are highly increased just from these pictures it looks like the best game I’ve ever seemed very awesome. The areas look very real and smooth hopefully the controls will bring some balance between the two.

There has been some interesting concept art such as this picture with what looks like to be Halo type tech. Maybe such as an all out assault on the tower?

This picture as recently become interesting which it looks like Halo with maybe a spartan in front of it. In the distance it looks like a forerunner building but we will see about this sooner than later.


Spartan Ops is a new tv series mode that has seasons which is believed to gain new content for free and not download just menu updates or as playlist updates more details be give later.

The main enemy hasn’t been revealed yet but the Covenant is back to some extent and unclear what role they will play. The flood has been ruled out by a post on the waypoint website but interesting enough it seems they main villain may be the Forerunners it seems more likely than the Precursors but is still unclear maybe both of them we will see maybe soon or maybe when the game releases for more mystery.

The Halo Wars Cast might make a return as if you took the time to beat that after the credits it says “Captain, Wake Up” which goes into Wake Up John for Halo 4 well have to wait and see.


So let me hear what you think about this so far in comments id love to hear your thoughts and for you 360 gamers something big is coming up for you on the site so stay tuned and see you starside!

Halo 4 comes out November 6th on Xbox 360

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