Nintendo reports first ever annual loss for FY2012, 3DS sells 17.13 million to date

According to analysis by VG247 on GameKicker Nintendo’s official financial report is a record of their first annual loss occurring during the year 2012. The official sales of the 3DS to date are also in for debating. See the full info below:

“Nintendo has reports its first ever annual loss at a net loss of ¥43.2 billion, a lower than expected figure compared to what was previously predicted.

Total sales of Nintendo 3DS during FY2012 were 13.53 million, with software at 36 million. LTD, 3DS sales are now at 17.13 million, with software at 45.4 million units.

The vanilla DS line – DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL – sold 5.1 million hardware units and 60.82 million software units. In its lifespan, the line has sold 151.52 million units combined and 900.31 million units in software.

For Wii, Nintendo reported hardware sales of 9.84 million units in the FY with software at 102.37 million. Lifetime to date, Wii’s now sold 95.85 million units and 818.46 million software units.

For FY2013, Nintendo has predicted it will stop selling 3DS “below cost” by the middle of the fiscal year – around September – and expects to make a profit on each unit sold by then. It follows a massive price-cut for the system last August that was put in place to boost flagging sales of the handheld.

Its predicted hardware sales of 18.5 million and 73 million software for 3DS in the next 12 months.

Following up on those, Nintendo has big releases planned for the year ahead, including New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS in August, Animal Crossing for 3DS this fall, Brain Age 3DS this summer in Japan

Get the full report hereMore soon.”

Source: Nintendo via VG247 on GameKicker

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