The Halo handover was thought to have been a toss up in peoples minds. Now after 343 industries has taken the helm we now have Halo 4 the sequel to Bungies 2007 Halo 3. The question is, is Halo 4 the as good as the originals, better, or worse

Soundtrack: The music is the best in series despite a new composer it fit the “new” Halo theme. The weapons sounds are more realistic and sound crisp. The only issue in this area would be that the effects are so loud at some points that you can not hear the wonderful music it happened to me twice but it is not a big deal.

Graphics: By far the best looking Xbox 360 to date if not the best looking console game to date. It is extremely hard to believe it is running off the Halo Reach engine by how good it looks. By pushing the Xbox 360 to it’s limits with this game we can assume that Halo 5 on the next Xbox will look outstanding.

Infinity Multiplayer: The new concept for the Halo series revolves around updates and using tons of fan feedback. Infinity is primary the HUB so to speak. You can choose your mode and customize your character and classes from there. The new game types in Halo 4 take a big role in shaping the future of Halo. The new Infinity game types bring in ordinance packages where you get three choices. You usually can choose between a weapon, power up, or grenade type. But it has been know to see armor abilities, more than one same type pop up, and even custom class weapons. Some game types have reached a more evolved level from the previous games. Infection is now called Flood mode since you play as Flood with new powers and a different level of play. Yet again Infinity game types taking classic game modes and adding new ideas. There are so many new game modes and more getting taken in and taken out each week by popularity of the mode or fans request to it.

Characters: The live action capture used for this game brings the characters alive more than ever before. You can see real emotions coming out on their faces (expect for Master Chief’s). Even enemy’s carry more of a human element in a sense as movements have been redefined to be realistic in a sense.

Spartan Ops: The new CO OP mode that replaces Firefight as an episodic series that bridges the story between Halo 4 and Halo 5. The first few episodes were kinda boring and used the same maps and ideas for a while there. They were not bad but could have been better. In the final five episodes we saw new locations almost every week with episode seven being the biggest one in that sense. Overall firefight in Halo 4 would make it better but Spartan Ops can do the job and season 2’s wait will be well waited.

Campaign: The story takes place over 4 years later. Master Chief and Cortana have been floating in space towards a unidentified planet which soon will become a nightmare. Master Chief is back as along with  tons of new foes like the Prometheans and the Storm Covenant. The story has four big parts to it, the small and personal story between Chief and Cortana, the mystery behind the planet, what happens after they solve the mystery, and Chief having to make tough decisions to stop whats coming. They pulled everyone off really well in it. Of course they could have added some things but that is what feed back is for.

Enemys: The Storm Covenant is really similar to the Halo: Combat Evolved as it is made of Elites, Grunts, Jackals, and Hunters. The only difference is these Covenant are more aggressive and less trained due to the story behind them. Now the Prometheans are made up off three classes with many variations and abilities. The Crawlers as you tell by there name crawl everywhere, they have different weapons and strengths depending on there type, they also will swarm you in packs so you will want to take them out fast. The Watcher comes out of the Knights back to provide support for troops. The can put up shields for enemys, they spawn enemys, the grab grenades and throw them back at you, the deflect bullets back at you, they can even ressurect dead enemys. The Knights are the commander of the battlefield. They range from being only able to teleport to being as strong as ten men to charging with lighting fast speed. They are by far the strongest enemy in Halo ever.

Forge: The Forge mode is given three new maps to mine in Halo 4. Despite none being as close to as big as Forge World in Halo: Reach they can have some pretty impressive creations on them.

Final Verdict: Halo 4 is by far one of the greatest games ever made. 343 did one the best handovers in the history of gaming in surpassing the originals in there first game. Halo 4 gets a 10/10. See you on the virtual battlefield.

Overall Score: 10/10

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Available on: Xbox 360

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