You Know You Were Thinking It Part 3! [RGN Series]

The series you love and cherish is back for another go, the one that reveals those secret thoughts in the back of every gamer’s mind. You Know You Were Thinking It – Part 3! Only on

1. The COD After Black Ops II – What will the zombies be like? What kinda powers will they have?

2.  What’s up with Mortal Kombat Vita’s graphics? Could we get graphics that actually take advantage of the system’s power? I know a lot of people make excuses for it stating that its a PlayStation 3 port but they could have adjusted the engine some how. If the developers of this game want to be recognized for greatness, it looks like they need to put in work.

3.  Is there anyone else who thought that the PS Vita would have a multitude of apps or games for that matter? Can you say dry spell? Hopefully the recent Final Fantasy X HD showing at last night’s PS Vita Event and upcoming Killzone: Mercenary…

…will be enough to keep gamers going for a while longer alongside Black Ops: Declassified, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation.

4. Some of the biggest games out there are Halo 4, Black Ops II, Battlefield 3, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but will repetitive releases doom us to just more of the same?

5. How do game companies expect to release next generation systems in the summer time while legendary anticipation has already built for upcoming current generation releases? Will the 2013 PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 release window turn out to be all hype? Only time will tell how long it takes to bring a concept into reality all over again.

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