Sega Dreamcast Re-Releases Shenmue in HD for XBL and PSN

In recent news Sega announced that they would be re-releasing the cult classic Shenmue I and II updated with full HD graphics. They are both releasing on PSN and XBL for download. Other Dreamcast games have been revamped as well like Jet Set Radio which is set to release this summer.


In a recent statement from Sega it was said, “The games that were mentioned are definitely among the most requested re-releases”. We can’t go into specifics about our future releases, but we are excited to see so much passion surrounding our Dreamcast-era games.”

So with that said it looks like we can be expecting more blasts from Dreamcast’s past. The question is, what else can we expect to be brought back from the classic days of Dreamcast? I guess all we can do is watch and wait to see what will be next on the resurrection list.

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