Tristans Twisted World: Top 20 Video Game Protagonists

We all know about heroes but who stands at the top at the end of the day? Well this list is what me and some people have decided in the background. Some may be silent with few words and tons of action and others are emotional drawn characters. You can agree with this list or point out others that should be here but this is Twisted Top 20.


Ezio Auditore

Assassin Creeds main character for a few games there is still in my head and Desmonds.


James Bond 007

007 always fights for England it could be his most recent tale in Goldeneye or something such as Blood Stone. No matter what Bond keeps his cool as one of the best spys of all time.




Always with his trusty bow he will stop at nothing to save the princess or whatever he is doing even if he is turned into a werewolf or is a little kid at times.


Issac Clark

Fighting threw waves of basically space zombies to find his wife or just to escape, but in the end he trys to stop it so it doesn’t spread to every world and infect everyone.


Solid Snake

Is that a metal gear? Yes Im the not biggest playstation gamer but even I know bout Snake.


Max Payne


When I got my hands on Max Payne 3 last year Rockstar surprised me with how good Max Payne was done.



Running around Rapture trying to find a way out to see his family again and trying to stop Andrew Ryan or (PlotTwist!)



A man out for Revenge doesn’t sound good for a hero but trust me he’s a big hero or not….


Agent 47

Of course this guys in here the master assassin and oh and Jon will love this right?


Jak and Daxter

One of Naughty Dogs biggest series as two of the best hero buddies even though they are kinda evil well kinda…


Sam Fisher

He’s got style and he’s a pretty good written character from were im sitting.



A demon killer now that is one badass hero and the stories are awesome and gameplay and such and such.



Unlike Lara Croft this girl got fans by being smart, strong, brave even though Lara Croft is all those but Jade in Beyond Good and Evil pick it up.



Do I even need to say anything….


John Martson

The classic Cowboy gunslinger with a heart was captured in a man trying to Redeem himself.


G0rdon Freeman

Silent Heros can be Heros to.


Nathan Drake

Uncharted is a awesome series with a great lead role.


Master Chief Petty Officer Sierra 117 or John

He may not talk to much but that’s apart of his training he’s saved the whole galaxy what four times now?


Commander Shepard

Well if your Paragon your a huge Hero if your Renegade then well…..


Lee Everett

A man that puts his life ahead of a little girls in the Zombie ruined world were you fear the living more than the dead….

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