Tristan’s Twisted World: Halo 4 Rumor Roundup #3

After what we saw at E3, a whole lot of speculation came up about the story and multiplayer and I’m here to try to clean some of this stuff up.

The new Promethean enemies that were teased and it was stated that those three enemies weren’t even the main antagonists, but rather new ones. Also, in the trailer it shows some of those A.I. Prometheans blue and some red so there might be a civil war taking place on that planet.

But the big question is who is the main enemy? Well apartly to Halo fiction if you notice in the trailers the mining that’s taking place it points towards the Precurors since they mine planets for energy. Maybe it’s the Forerunners, the Prometheans warrior class may be one of the Diacts and their leader, or it could be both of these, or it could be neither – but at this point the Acient Evil is unknown so I’ll let you all speculate… until next time this has been Tristan’s Twisted World, signing out.

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