NEW VIDEO: “Language Arts (First Day of School)” – MegaRan

CLICK HERE to check out the newest video released by MegaRan for the Video Game and Music phenomenon known as Language Arts. In this video, Ran takes you through a day in the life of a teacher while also speaking to the students in a way they can relate to. Language Arts isn’t just music though, it’s also a video game!

See below for more information: In the year 20XX… a teacher strives to make a difference in the classroom while moonlighting as an independent musician, as a threat is brewing in the streets. A dangerous, violent video game “Killcount” is sweeping the nation, corrupting the minds of the youth. “Killcount” uses their imaginations to create zombie drones, who walk the streets at night committing crimes.

Meanwhile as a musician Mega Ran enters a Rap World Championship Tournament, where he has to face 5 of the meanest, most devious rappers ever. While in the tournament, Ran discovers that this threat may be linked to both the education and music industries, and the trail of lies leads right to the top. “Language Arts Vol. 1” – an interactive music AND gaming experience – available NOW from!

  1. Introduction by Kyle Hebert 01:16
  2. City Of Angels 04:03
  3. Wake Up! (feat. MC Frontalot) 04:21
  4. Language Arts (1st Day of School) 03:59
  5. Buggin’ (The Metamorphosis) 03:20
  6. The Constant (feat. Ariano and Punchline) 03:44
  7. KillCount 02:07
  8. Classroom Blues (feat. Dr. Awkward) 03:03
  9. Volume One Ending 00:59
  10. BONUS: Language Arts (EOM Remix) 04:17

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