Tristan Twisted World: Movies and Games You Missed Last Year

There are some Games and Movies you just can’t miss from last year!!! I’ll tell you which movies will be worthwhile seeing and which games are worth renting at least, or even 60 dollars at launch

For Alien lovers this will be a great film despite its not a true prequel but it is a very good movie as a whole id say about a 8 and the mystery is very memorable.

Well the title says it all as all the super hero storys from before poor into this great film thats got a 93 on rotton tomatoes and I believe is the number one grossing movie of all time correct me if im mistaken.

Will Smith back in the buisness says it all for a long wanted film which has a great story despite very little meation of first two films.

As the Legand ends so does all that money Christopher Nolans getting despite this will go out with a bang and ill like to see how eight years later makes sense.

Well The Hobbit being the prequel to the Lord of the Rings says it all go and see it!

The adaption to the books is a great movie to show the family but for lone wolfers go see a horror film.

Nazi’s in space coming back to take over earth sounds intresting doesn’t it?


The reboot of a series that needed it badly looks like the Spider Man of comics with new ideas I really want to see this film personally and so should you.

Just trust me with this one you will want this game badly its on my to do list.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is being slept on by some who feel the series is getting long in the tooth. I am here to tell you that would be a serious tragedy. Don’t give up on COD now you’ll miss the best part. Black Ops 2 is actually a well balanced game.

Fundamentals about the series have been altered for balance, for the first time in COD history Treyarch truly took great steps at balance limiting the amount of perks, weapons, attachments, and abilities that can be brought into battle by one person at one time.

The game is being played mostly by serious competitors at the time of this print and has an interesting campaign mode with great cutting-edge Zombies action as well. Consider giving this one a second look if you passed it by during last years’ launch.

Its Kingdom of Hearts maybe for 3DS but if you have one you’ll want to buy it.

Well if it comes out this year you will need this, I mean come on it’s GTA; running people over and stuff is fun. When it releases this spring for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 make sure you’re ready to jump in again.

Well Halo 4 is looking amazing as of right now but you never know. For 360 owners it’s a must buy and we all know the other game I’ll be playing… cough cough Black Ops 2…

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