RGN’s Xbox Live 2.0 Wish List for Xbox 720

Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 720 should be announced before the year is over. With this approaching next generation reveal we expect to see a beefed up, evolved version of Xbox Live. RGN takes a minute to speak about what the ideal experience would be like on a Xbox Live 2.0.

1. Global Connectivity. Compete with anyone in the world at any time. Always have all records dynamically kept for racing, sports, shooters, and other games built on this premise. Establish your clan as a squad with quick and reliable dedicated voice servers and responsive party systems.

2. Dedicated Gameplay Servers. The premium to this service should be that some if not all multiplayer games receive dedicated servers for the gameplay resources. The host advantage syndrome plaguing modern day shooters on consoles must be remedied and the collision connection issues once and for all resolved.

3. More than 100 friends.

4. Don’t delete your messages after 99.

5. Unlimited people in Party Chat.

6. Reduced cost of Gold Membership.

7. More apps, entirely compatible with Windows 8 PC, Smartphones, iPhones, Androids, and other popular devices. A More reliable Internet Browser.

8. Total voice recognition with a built-in Kinect system eliminating the need for seperate purchases.

9. Pure Customizable Dashboard. Something that shows your own pinned topics instead of randomized advertisements. For example, if you like Call of Duty a lot show the soundtrack, map packs, and game previews of those titles.

10. Set more beacons to let friends on your list know what you want to play. More than one beacon, unlimited would be good, but at least 10 should add to the experience.

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