During the Tokyo PlayStation Vita Event Sony Japan was pushing the Instant Game Collection with PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus at the forefront of the presentation’s introduction. pic Not only games but also applications were shown such as Torne and Reader Store for the PlayStation Vita’s all-in-one-functionality to advance even further.

The Japanese PlayStation Vita’s 3G/Wifi pricing as well as popular and upcoming titles were also discussed.

The trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2 showed gameplay and stable online connections as well as promising plenty of cinematic depth to it. Such a game, online and massively multiplayer, with vast character creation surely would not have been possible in past handheld generations.

A bundle with the white PlayStation Vita and a copy of Phantasy Star Online 2 were shown as well as a live playthrough of an existing build.

Another title shown with cross play between the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation Portable will be launching side by side for each. The game was shown being played live on the PlayStation Vita with gameplay being shown to seem somewhat reminiscent of Japan’s popular Monster Hunter franchise. An interview took place with industry heavyweight Keiji Inafune who is behind the project.

Soul Sacrifice was also shown with a Premium Edition PlayStation Vita bundle and this one’s red. Pics It is seen in the pictures below on the assembly line. A video of Valhalla Knights 3 was shown next, which also will release 2013.

Gundam Breaker allowing you to customize, create, and destroy huge gundam machines on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 in 2013 is next up. This could be just what people need after an Armored Core craving goes unsatisfied.

God Eater 2 was then brought to the presentation. God Eater 2 is the sequel to God Eater Burst which was on PlayStation Portable. God Eater 2, much like Soul Sacrifice, will be released for both PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation Portable and will have cross play connection capabilities between the two devices.

A developer playthrough of God Eater 2 was shown live on PlayStation Vita where the games clean interface and high fidelity graphics were on display.

The UMD Passport Program was announced for God Eater Burst, giving gamers the title from their PlayStation Portable collection onto their PlayStation Vita system.

Finally, the Final Fantasy X HD remaster Square Enix announced not too long ago was shown running on the PlayStation Vita.

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