Ex-PlayStation CEO Jack Tretton working against gamers, How the mighty have fallen

Perhaps those politely written goodbyes from Sony and Jack Tretton four years ago were not all that genuine. We don’t know what really led to the end of Jack’s reign as PlayStation CEO for Sony. Helping turn around the PlayStation 3 through serving gamers and re-branding the console with tons of pro-consumer moves and solid game studio investments, perhaps the executive behind those well written speeches got sick of all that customer service. Instead, Jack Tretton now joins a group of vultures in predatory practices against gamers on the board of directors at a company called Scientific Revenue which offers to get players spending double the usual amount on in-game purchases, lootboxes, micro-transactions, DLC, and more.

Jimmy Sterdust of YouTube fame (formerly a traditional games journalist until censorship got in the way) discovered the company Scientific Revenue and exposed their scheme of ‘dynamic pricing’ which will charge more money for in-game content if it is able to spy on a player and determine that they earn more money than others. Beyond that, the games which implement their software algorithms will be able to obtain a number of privacy-shattering data-points from gamers similar to the recent Facebook inadequacies that recently landed Mark Zuckerberg in front of the U.S. Congres while he ignored a similar request to appear in British Parliament for the same concerns.

This is not only a problem in multiplayer games, but most of what we know so far relates to online gaming. Online players are data-mined and judged by the game they’re playing, without their consent or knowledge, in the background activity of their PlayStation or Mobile phones by companies like Activision Blizzard (who have their own patents on advanced predatory algorithms)  and anybody who gave a few dollars a month to Scientific Revenue Inc. until the game understands them.

Once the game knows them it predicts the types of content they’d like enough to buy. Next they are set up against players that will destroy them due to skill level and how long they’ve been playing the game while the items the new player was deemed “likely to buy” is advertised as a possible solution to defeat. Unfortunately, this is just an illusion and will be a never-ending cycle of grass being greener on the other side. Matchmaking has been turned against the players for greed reasons.

This tool is available for games which use Unity, Unreal Engine, Adobe Air, and more. Thanks to Jack Tretton and companies like his, even companies far smaller than Activision Blizzard who can’t afford to program this type of spyware technology and integrate it into a game for micro-transaction profits successfully can simply pay a few bucks to Scientific Revenue then drag and drop a plugin then it begins. If you’re wondering where’s that PlayStation CEO who made the last console generation “all about the gamers”, now you have your answer. He’s turned against us. Perhaps he wasn’t even the one writing those speeches after all. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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