The indie label best known for games like Hotline Miami, Titan Souls, and their involvement with the Serious Sam series, Devolver Digital hosts something that you could try to call a Press Conference each year at E3. In reality, these shows are more of a parody of the traditional Press Conference, but we love Devolver Digital as a publisher since their taste in games is excellent and they serve as a curator of finely tuned, fun-focused indie titles the world may have otherwise never heard about.

They’ve brought “hand-crafted games” as they call them from obscurity and helped them rise to blockbuster success at times, and at minimum they give great games a chance to be played. So here’s our recap on what happened on the Devolver Digital stage at this year’s E3 2018.

A man takes the stage talking about battle royale games before getting his neck snapped by Nina. I don’t know how much you know about Devolver Digital but they also have a film division and their directing / acting talents have been put to use on their E3 showings over the years. The Devolver E3 shows actually follow an interesting, comedic plot that is continuous and features a lot of reference jokes that viewers might not get if they haven’t seen the previous E3’s from Devolver. For that reason here’s last year’s show. Anyways, back to the play-by-play.

The complaints of Devolver Digital not having “real press conferences” is addressed by the hostess who is making fun of tropes in the game industry to a visual track of fake audience moments that feel purposely out of place. It indeed is all meant to make you laugh. Not enough games were shown last year according to fans, but this hostess claims to have fixed that right proper mate.


Season Two of the game is coming with double the drones and more intimate moments. Savage moments are captured and nothing is sacred in SCUM from Gamepires. Mister Smiles is back to break skulls and the game itself is arriving on Steam Early Access some time during August 2018. You can learn more about it at the Official Website.


Another set of jokes and then another game related reveal. Newest bleeding edge technology innovation. Loot boxes! Of course, a bunch of buzzwords are given and gamers are insulted for not knowing better than to pay into loot boxes. Loot box coin is introduced as the world’s first crypto-currency that “is so f***ing secure, not even the owners know it’s actually value,” we are told. It’s also totally unregulated by all forms of reasonable common sense. Loot box coin cannot be mined, cannot be opened, cannot be block-chained, cannot be wallet’ed, and cannot be crypto-verified. It can only be bought through Devolver Digital with the actual money you have in your actual bank accounts.

Such a joke is probably dangerous, so of course we are told about the fact this has no actual value. They’ll mail you a goofy looking coin for a random amount of money. There were limited quantities of these bad boys, and they sold out. We saw users paying anywhere from a few bucks to $140+ before the well ran dry. I guess your memes are dreams folks, and Devolver told you not to do it if you read between the lines, but you did it anyway. How low we have fallen mighty gamers, how low indeed. Okay we’re halfway through the show, hang in there folks. Try not to throw your entire bank account into Devolver’s lap before the show ends!


Violent people need to be stopped, so this game brings on the weird in order to deliver violence to violent people. Slowing down time and performing ridiculous acrobatic stunts in a platformer meets 2D side-scrolling shooter with modern graphics and ghetto city landscapes, players make use of shotguns, uzi’s, pistols, and more – oh my. You can even do a back flip on an ATV while shooting your firearms at oncoming traffic because development studio Deadtoast Entertainment has made sure that if My Friend Pedro is one thing, it’s fun. The blood, bullets, and bananas frenzy arrives on Nintendo Switch and PC Gaming platforms in 2019.


Making more observational humor that really stings because it’s true, our hostess next proceeds to tell us that she’s sick of seeing other companies reaching up their back pocket to provide “cute as f*** little miniature fun size versions of their legacy hardware” referring of course to NES Mini, Atari VCS, and the terrible AtGames devices that SEGA keeps commissioning despite all of their bugs. Of course this is all nostalgia-based profiteering and we don’t really need them since emulation is rampant and remasters / digital collection re-releases as well.

Devolver has an answer. Buy theirs now! Some will surely be sad that this wasn’t a real thing, but there’s still time – maybe they’ll really make one. A box said to come pre-loaded with 25 of your favorite classic Devolver Digital games turns out to be a painted Dreamcast with wires not plugged into anything. Next we find out that a Metal Wolf Chaos game was in the Dreamcast, which was only released in Japan on Xbox. To be accurate, it was actually a CD-R with a bunch of Japanese symbols on it, but the point remains… we heard rumors that Devolver would be bringing the Metal Wolf Chaos franchise to modern game systems in the Americas, and so we found that a proper segue.


General Arcade and Devolver Digital present A Legend Reborn with the North American release of Metal Wolf Chaos XD. The game features upgraded visuals, widescreen format, and the classic voice overs. The previously import-only title will launch on PS4, Xbox, and PC later this year with more info available at! One man is so excited he explodes into a bloody mess that flies everywhere.

The rest of the show is a death scene for the hostess who is killed by one who seeks vengeance from losing his arm during last year’s Devolver E3. The man now has a machine gun for an arm and fires down on Nina our hostess until she’s spitting up blood. Nina is then given full prosthetic body parts and reprogrammed for a conclusion we’ll have to wait until next year to watch.

For some reason, Serious Sam 4 wasn’t shown. Since we know it exists and Devolver Digital likes to be weird with their so-called “Press Conferences” we’ll just show that to you anyway so you haven’t wasted your life reading and watching this show on RGN.