An extended look at Death Stranding as well as Sony’s other first party titles was given, but not the deep dives we were promised. Instead, Sony has delivered incredible surprises after fooling everyone into a false sense of security. We thought they wouldn’t announce anything and just focus on their four main games. During the start of the show, they suffered technical difficulties which almost ruined the entire event.

However, the surprises started to make up for it and PS4 fans were given plenty of reasons to be excited for this year’s PlayStation E3 Press Conference. All in all, the show did end abruptly and had a distinct lack of flow compared to past shows. Sony needs to try harder

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Augmented reality bots got us ready for the PlayStation E3 2018 Press Conference which began with a chill vibe, starry background, purple and blue hues, and then a warning about user discretion.

Shawn Layden took the stage first and thanked viewers for “coming to church” joking about the venue Sony chose this time around. This year Sony has opted to focus on the stories being told and rather than a bombardment of new creative they will provide a deeper dive into their top upcoming games. This company wants to take its love for gaming and make it sing very loudly. Gaming is a calling for Sony and their studios, and as such, this night at PlayStation E3 2018 is about the art of it all.

Gustavo took stage next and played a tune on an acoustic instrument sitting in a chair in the dimly lit, church-themed tent, with orchestral ambiance backing up the number. It becomes clear that Sony is relaxing us all to get us in the calm mood to digest deep dives that will hopefully show us much more than we expected about the gameplay systems within Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part Two, and Spider-Man.


Next we see a scene with almost the same church themed environment as the one Sony has gathered press in. The likeness is unmistakable. Ellie from The Last of Us is at a dance and hearing a similar type of song as we all just heard. Dialogue ensues between her and an Asian gentleman who discuss “her dad” which is likely referring to Joel. Ellie seems to be caught up in some sort of love triangle. Next thing we know, the fun and games are over and it’s a scene in which Ellie is killing what we presume to be a raider. Gameplay begins…

Skulking in the shadows, Ellie is witness to a hanging. She uses her bow and arrow to perform stealth kills as raiders wander the area spreading out to search for outsiders. She is then spotted and performs a number of melee combat moves that look straight out of a film. Ellie takes a bullet to the shoulder and attempts to run but is hunted further. Everyone is calling her “Wolf”. She’s hiding under a car then lands a head shot on the woman who found her before being dragged out from under the vehicle prompting a quick time event. A few more scuffles and Ellie is once again hidden and being sought out by her foes. She ends up with her main opponent dead to rights and beheads him.

This is not really a deep dive, and probably means there aren’t any complex gameplay systems for Sony to get into for this game. It looked excellent, and certainly upgraded, but that was just an extended look – not a deep dive. We begin to feel that this show will not be as good as expected, despite Sony’s first party games having incredible quality.


Ryan Clements spoke next with the chairman of Worldwide Studios back within view. The scandalous relationships in the game paired with the quick thinking behind the combat. Next we hear about the development process Sony is supporting. Thirteen first party studios have been given as much creative control as possible, Shawn Layden only takes credit for enabling studios to do what they want and compares his job to taking boulders out of their way. The question comes up as to whether God of War’s New Game+ will happen and the answer is Yes!

The thought process behind this year’s E3 was discussed and once again it’s confirmed that this night will be a deep dive onto the four games described by Sony as “pillar games for this year”. Players are invited to “walk with us” as Sony brings to light the best games they’ve been working on. One of the games that’s being shown tonight is playable in just three months, Spider-Man, and as such could end up getting the most detail shown for it.


During a break between Sony titles players are given a look at Black Ops 4 which will come with four original Black Ops maps remastered for new consoles including Jungle, Summit, Slums, and Firing Range. These maps are available only for Black Ops 3 when pre-ordering the game from PlayStation 4’s digital store we are told, although that is likely temporary. Tonight Black Ops 3 comes for free to PlayStation Plus in a surprise turn of events. These maps also come for Black Ops 4 when the title launches in October.


Leading up to E3 Sony had an announcement each day, to recap they showed us again Tetris Effect coming to PS4 with optional VR, Days Gone’s release date, Twin Mirror revealed, and the heart-felt Ghost Giant for PS VR. There’s also a game which was revealed in which players time their swings to music in Beat Saber for PS VR. At this point we are told there’s only a few minutes left until the PlayStation Conference resumes.

Suddenly the Twitch stream died and the Twitch chat audience went crazy with conspiracy theories as to why. It was terrible… they were about to tell us about something interesting too people said. The YouTube stream had audio issues in which everyone sounded like munchkins. Oh wait, they just plugged Destiny’s next expansion anyways I’m told. Lame. Viewers had to boot up a PlayStation 4 to get the stream working again.


Next we are shown Ghost of Tsushima for the first time. The combat looks interesting with blocking and samurai swordsman moves dominating the scenes we are shown. Main characters get named and dialogue ensues between them. The audio stuttering in the stream returns regardless of which platform the show is viewed on. The game itself looks incredible, graphically and in terms of gameplay. The two main characters have a disagreement which provokes a fight to the death.


Something strange is shown, a shifting world that morphs as players attempt to explore it. The laws of physics and rules of realities seem to bend and change dynamically without warning. Players run and gun as well as manipulate matter via telekinesis. We are given the first sneak peak at an unannounced game called Control from Remedy and 505 Games coming to PlayStation 4 in 2019. We are unsure if this game will be an exclusive or not at the time of this reveal, but it looks inspired by Quantum Break and yet unique in its own way.


A first person sneaking scene is witnessed, it turns out to be the view of events from the perspective of a rat who dies. The scene zooms out and we see familiar uniforms. Wow, it’s Chris Redfield! He shoots a zombie, but is too late to save his brother in arms. The game we are being shown is quite clearly one that has been awaited for many years and rumored as well. Resident Evil 2 is coming back January 25, 2019 for PlayStation 4 from Capcom and its completely remade from the ground up. That was a close one, we were starting to think this show was going to be weak – but Sony lied to us in order to give a huge surprise.


A comical character brings us his opinions on his own title in a clip that really can’t even be explained and must be seen.


Next we are given an actual new clip of Kingdom Hearts III that was not seen at the Xbox nor Square Enix events. The Pirates of the Caribbean world is shown off. Jack Sparrow himself will star in the game with previews shown of the other worlds as well. Square Enix has been hard at work on this title for a very long time and it shows. A limited edition PS4 Pro is revealed with Kingdom Hearts designs and an All-In-One package for Kingdom Hearts titles on PS4 only is revealed.


Death Stranding is given another chance to shock the world, and we pray this is a true deep dive, although we suspect at this point that Sony’s strategy was misdirection by promising that in the first place. We see a completely new trailer that hints at more story elements in the game. Our main character can’t see “them” but he can sense them. He makes deliveries in this new and strange world which we are shown with more detail than ever.

We see our main character going for a very long trek making deliveries of boxes, mysterious body bags full of somebodies, and navigating a very strange post-apocalyptic world that is still widely not understood. He pushes himself further and further, carrying more than he probably should. And then… something else occurs…

The hairs follicles protrude, the goose bump effect can be seen, and another character emerges. Both remain silent as something that cannot be seen approaches. They both hold their breath. Are these aliens from another dimension? Are they monsters of some kind? Is there really a difference in a world like this? All of these questions go unanswered. Our main character pulls something out of his package, now he can almost see the creatures he’s been running from, he fails to perform a stealth maneuver and they drag him into the ground. Give me your hand in life, give me your hand in death, give me your hand in spirit.


Koei Tecmo logos flash by, we are shown a samurai. Team Ninja is working on something that involves demons and sword-play. What could this next showing be? It’s not one of those four games Sony said it would stick to, that’s for sure. Nope, it’s NioH 2! Defy death, death defies you… a warning perhaps.


Next we are shown an incredibly wide-screen angle of a high fidelity scene in which RAFT forces attempt to secure a location. Spider-Man hops onto a helicopter for a quick pep talk with his allies, and then saves his human friend. The vehicle is crash landed and we begin to see the game for the first time. A whole prison of enemies are let out and team up against Spider-Man. Gameplay is seen as multiple enemies take on Spider-Man. Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, and more are all seen attacking the hero. Theories arise that they are working for someone.

Web slinging and the world itself look incredible. The graphics and gameplay of the game is beyond anything we’ve ever seen in a hero video game. But for all the increased power that Spider-Man displays, his opponents easily match. The game is going to be a mysterious battle against an army of foes.

Sony shows a sizzle reel recapping everything they’ve just shown us. And the silly characters that have been playing instruments during their intermissions continue a little jam. PlayStation symbol is on screen as well as nebulous clouds and stars everywhere. Now, we are told that the show has ended but a new game will be announced in the post-show and further gameplay will be shown in the post-show of all games as well.


As promised a new game was shown after the event. Japan Studio and From Software have a new VR game which was revealed in the PlayStation E3 Post-Show.


Later on in the day during Sony’s Post-E3 2018 show the upcoming Media Molecule exclusive game Dreams received some gameplay footage.