SteelSeries Siberia V3 Gaming Headset Review

Impressively high quality for a low price, the Sibera from SteelSeries is now one of the best headsets I own. Extreme comfort paired with one of the best noise cancelling ear pads at this price point go a long way to make this set special, but the microphone quality is where Siberia really stands apart from its competition. If you need to escape from the world around you, throw these on. If you need to do podcasting, create video content for YouTube, or just be heard clearly when gaming the Siberia’s microphone audio quality is almost indistinguishable from an entry-level professional desktop microphone that you may have seen professional YouTubers using. This blew me away and was not expected especially given how inexpensive SteelSeries have managed to make it. The fact the Siberia is capable of doing so well at this and remain cost effective is a real service to the gaming community.

There’s a surprising amount of clarity in the audio you can hear as well, leaving room for artificial boosting without much audio fragmentation or overload. This means a solid all around usage can be expected whether its high volume music or deeply immersive gaming sessions.

As far as individual specs you can expect the speakers themselves to operate between 10 – 28 Hz with 35 Ohm achieved and 102dB listed as the maximum volume. The cable itself is a 3.5mm connector which comes with an adapter splitting down microphone and speaker plugs making this best used on a Windows PC. I have no problem disconnecting this adapter and using it for a Smartphone, Nintendo 3DS, or Tablet though in a quick manner. The device is compatible with PlayStation 4, but in my opinion is best suited for the Windows PC, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android systems due to the fact that it is not USB.

One area of improvement I can suggest to SteelSeries is that they start making their wired headsets with a disconnection point at the actual base of the wire on the headset itself. It is a terrible thing when these eventually break and you need somebody experienced in wire repair to help out, rather than just finding another 3.5mm cable of appropriate quality or buying it off SteelSeries. Of course there are no headsets that offer what I am proposing, but that’s an even stronger argument for SteelSeries to consider it in the future since it would make them stand out and would be a great customer service move.

SteelSeries claims that this headset is comfortable enough to use for hours on end, and they’re 100% right. I’ve had it for over a month now and used it for very extended gaming sessions, high anxiety meetings, and podcasting live on-air. I’ve gone an entire day without taking them off and the pain caused is none versus other headsets which cause a great deal of pain. I’ll be honest, I don’t always fault the headset manufacturer for this since they probably never intended for somebody to use them as often as an active journalist like myself will use them, but it’s amazing that SteelSeries is able to protect my ears in ways no other headset can with the Siberia V3. I have now made it my main headset and prefer it over my Turtle Beaches, and even over my wireless headsets.

Great care has been taken with the retractable microphone design to avoid the wire being destroyed from constantly pushing and bending it. It’s very flexible. When I need to be quiet but still be heard, I can bend it to be right near my mouth and because of the excellent microphone broadcast quality technology my goal is accomplished. When I want it out of my face, I can bend it away from me and people hear me just fine with a little more ‘umph’ added to my voice (speaking normally at room volume versus attempting to be discrete rather). I feel like I can trust the microphone not to break every time I put it away in its retractable housing. There’s a mute switch on the ear piece, but not a volume slider which the H Wireless had. This is slightly disappointing, but since the microphone quality is much better than that of the H Wireless I feel the balance becomes made.

Final Verdict:

When I first got the Siberia V3 Gaming Headset I thought to myself, “A wired headset?, Uh oh, here we go.” It turns out this is probably the best wired headset on the market. I have others from big brands including Turtle Beach which are excellent in their own way, but pale in comparison to the Siberia V3. I highly recommend that everyone pick up a pair before SteelSeries moves on to future revisions. They make for an excellent set and are very affordable. Everything about them is impressive and quality. Slight tweaks could be made to make this a perfect 10 out of 10, but as it stands, I am pleasantly surprised and they are the best set I currently own easily beating out headsets that are triple the market price.

Overall Score: 9.8 / 10

RGN Tech Rating: Platinum Device

Manufacturer: SteelSeries

Review Copy Info: A review sample was provided to RealGamerNewz by the manufacturer for the purpose of the review.

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