A Closer Look at Fallout 76 – Pt. 1

Many gamers have expressed doubts over the past week since the full reveal of Fallout 76 took place in Los Angeles during E3, the largest electronics entertainment industry event in the world. Bethesda Game Studios has released a lot of information about the game, but through a variety of channels.

The ambiguous nature of their reveal has done little to quell concerns that this new game will indeed be a quality experience. While we at RealGamerNewZ remain optimistic about the title, this skeptical outlook can be understood as a reaction to the fact that the game is a multiplayer online survival set in a semi-persistent shared world. Attempts at this genre have been lacking in the past, and even plagued by many issues that were repeated and remain unsolved issues in game design. Fans are worried Fallout 76 will suffer the same fate, although there’s evidence to believe that Bethesda’s approach will be better than previous entries in the genre.

I’d like to preface this analysis by mentioning that it’s likely we see Fallout 76 displaying a mix of existing ideas and new ideas. Rather than re-invent the wheel completely, Bethesda will likely choose to embrace some features of the genre that make it fun. That being said, it does seem like Fallout 76 has many unique tweaks on the way we expect online survival experiences to play. So let’s get into what Bethesda has said across the NoClip History of Bethesda, Making of Fallout 76 documentaries, Geoff Keighley E3 Interview, Bethesda Press Conference E3 Reveal, and other places.

Combat & Multiplayer Interaction

One of the major worries gamers have about Fallout 76 is that it will involve endless ‘griefing’ and player versus player attacks interrupting anything else in the game all the time. That won’t be the case. On top of 24 player Dedicated Servers which flow players in and out of a world (similar to Sea of Thieves, where the game will load and unload other players as you travel to put more players in the game), Bethesda has created a few avenues for PVP to be tunneled into and some safeguards to avoid this happening. There’s also a lot to do in the game with other players that doesn’t involve fighting, and gives incentive for players to play nice together, with very little reward to killing others for no reason, unless you are in the separate death match part of the game.

  • Challenge Issued: Attacks from players will initiate the opportunity for revenge. Players can ignore it.
  • Deathmatch: Players have the opportunity to take part in organized 12 versus 12 shooter matches.
  • Barter System: Players can trade useful items, perk cards, weapons, food, and more with each other.
  • Set Up Shop: You can even open up your own store in the game charging what you want for goods.
  • All By Myself: If you want to play alone, Bethesda has stated that this is possible. Of course, you will have to connect online and be part of a server to play this game. However, Lone Wolf Perk Card is one of the pieces of evidence presented as to what it would be like for players who insist on avoiding team-ups during their Fallout 76 experience. Likewise, perks like this could help out when your team isn’t around and you’re feeling a bit shy to interact with new people.
  • Private Servers: There will be private server hosting ability added to the game eventually, but not right away. How exactly this will work and what effect it will have on your official server characters is currently unknown. Mods have been promised to some day be for sale (and/or free) through a brand new system inspired by Creation Club but are not part of the game’s content at this time.

Survival Elements

  • Cooking: Players will need to eat and will be able to hunt then cook meals to keep their energy up, alternatively you can just make a lot of money (caps) and buy what you need from other players.
  • Item Degradation: Crafting will become more important once again as the degrading of items returns to the Fallout franchise. This time around the effect should be more balanced and less obstructive.
  • No Vehicles: Travel is still on foot, there will be vehicles but they don’t work and are used as explosive barrel – type objects during battle instead.

Base Building (C.A.M.P. System)

  • Logged Off: Your C.A.M.P. is not vulnerable when you aren’t online.
  • Rebuild America: If your base gets destroyed it can be rebuilt with one click (as long as you have a few resources).
  • Moving Day: A blueprint system exists which enables you to rebuild elsewhere easily without starting from scratch.

Landmarks & Territory

  • Public Workshops: Fight to claim and defend useful public workshops which were inhabited by creatures, robotic enemies, and other hazards.
  • Nuclear Missile Silos: It’s true what you’ve heard, there are some nukes around the map which can be obtained and used to launch a tactical strike on areas where players or creatures are. These sights will be like public workshops and must be fought for. After gaining some sort of access and control of an area, players will have to obtain the launch codes – one digit / letter at a time. This instills a sense of community to the game and means that players will have a much better chance of launching nukes if they’re rolling with a crew. Also, launching nukes is a very serious decision in Fallout 76. The resulting radiation and devastation will spawn much harder enemies and rare loot can be obtained only by the strongest squads willing to raid a recently nuked area.

Progression & Skills

  • Mutations: Players may receive physical mutations more drastic than in other Fallout games (rumored to involve Vampire-like diseases) which can have benefits and create problems for the individual. These can be cured away with some effort, or players can decide to keep their new, freakish mutant ways.
  • Perk Cards: The majority of character definition and ability comes in the form of perk cards which players can obtain. It is currently assumed that this has something to do with experience points. This also provides a way for Bethesda to add abilities to the game over time. Perk cards can be increased in level and will tie in to a S.P.E.C.I.A.L Skill System.
  • Specialization / Roles: The game will allow players to collect a lot of perk cards, but they will only be able to equip a certain amount of them at any given time. They also take time to level up, though they can be traded between players. Overall, the result of this system limits individuals from becoming overpowered and causes a chain effect on crews in which each player is likely to take on a certain role. Perhaps one or two specialized play-styles might be selected in which certain cards are focused on and equipped at a given time by each player for example, while the crew works together with each member filling a various role.
  • Skills: Stealth, gunfights, survival, and all of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Skill System attributes known from the previous Fallout games will once again be present, although have a limited effect on the game with perk cards becoming the main focus. Starting Equal: It appears that all player perks and skills will begin at Level 1 when making a new character.

We hope these early pieces of information have helped you get ready for your trip into the West Virginia online land of Fallout 76.

With a B.E.T.A. (Break-it Early Test Application) coming soon and more details slowly trickling out you can be sure that RealGamerNewZ will continue to update our Fallout 76 category. If you’re playing on Xbox you’ll get a couple of extra days, but PS4 and PC players hang in there – the Beta is coming soon!

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  1. Well this sounds a hell of a lot better than those first rumours. I don’t see why everyone is so mad about it. I like single player just as much as the next gentleman but something new once and a while, in between while waiting for FO5 sounds great. Todd aka Godd Howard already said FO5 will be more like the traditional story focused Fallout so I am happy for this one to be very different… it’s fine.

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