Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: Atelier of a New Land

Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: Atelier of a New Land is the next entry in the Atelier series from Gust and will feature, for the first time, a girl who cannot use alchemy as its protagonist. Nelke von Luchetam is an ace scholar of noble descent and inherits lordship of a village called Vestbalt. Lady von Luchetam desires to provide for her people through hard work and learning how to utilize an ancient, untouched artifact called the Grantzvite Tree which will allow her to build Vestbalt into a thriving, beautiful city from its humble beginnings.

Among her quest Nelke will be accompanied by a fully nostalgic and star-studded cast of characters from across the various Atelier games including Rorona (young version), Marie, Meruru, Sophie, Vio, Klein, Vayne, and many more. There’s even a silhouette sheet of the cast hinting that we might see Firis, Totori, Lotte, Elie, Escha, Logy, Stella, and Lilie. These legendary alchemists will come to the aid of young Nelke as she comes into power with her peaceful quest that is sure to have its fair share of unexpected dangers and challenges. Players will learn more about the characters from the Atelier franchise as Nelke’s friendship with each grows. There will also be new characters. Players can earn money through the creation of a local economy of ateliers and shops, among other things, as they develop Vestbalt the way that they see fit.

A number of screenshots, concept art images, and character portraits have been released as well as a general release window of 2018 for the Japanese version of the game. It is likely that we’ll see a 2019 release for western regions. Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: Atelier of a New Land will release for the PS4, Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC Gaming platforms and features the artistic renderings of NOCO. Confirmed voice actors for the game include; Akira Ishida (as Vayne), Tetsuya Kakihara (as Klein), Noriko Shitaya (as Vio), Yuuka Aisaka (as Sophie), Marina Inoue (as Ayesha), Satomi Akesaka (as Meruru), Haruna Ikezawa (as Marie), and Rina Honnizumi (as Nelke).

The alchemy-based RPG game series Atelier has been taking Japan by storm since 1997 with its enchanting protagonists, charming positive atmosphere, intricate yet intuitive gameplay, unique battle system, and reliable fun factor. Celebrating their 20th year anniversary in Japan during December 2017 (and in North America during March 2018), development studio Gust released Atelier Lydie & Suelle ~ The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings to great fanfare featuring cameos from a plethora of series mainstay characters and even eventually costumes as well as a full musical collection from all past games. Our first impression of the game was extremely positive and even after nearly a hundred hours of gameplay we still loved the game in our full review naming it one of our few Platinum Games of 2018.

Each game in the Atelier series is part of a miniature sub-series which usually spans just a few games with each focusing on a new main character or characters. Lydie & Suelle ~ The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings centered around two twin girls who discovered the secret of worlds brought to life within paintings through the power of alchemy and introduced many additional upgrades to the game’s crafting and battle systems. This title concluded the Mysterious sub-series of the game franchise.

Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: Atelier of a New Land is potentially a standalone title in between sub-series, but due to translation complications we require further verification before being totally sure about this. There is also some chance that the gameplay systems of this title may differ, in spin-off fashion, yet it is unlikely to disappoint given the history of the Atelier franchise and its dedication to substantial amounts of content being well paced to keep each title fun and full of new surprises throughout its length.











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