Happy 4th of July, Darwin Project 1.12 is now free on Xbox Game Preview

If you were one of the early purchasers of the wilderness survival game show take on the battle royale genre from Scavengers Studio then you will receive a Founder’s Pack the next time you log in. For those who haven’t tried the game yet, our hands-on impressions of the 1.8.3 version were mostly positive, so don’t be scared to try the new 1.12 version out. The fact that the game will now be available to a wider audience should also help its reach and keep matchmaking smooth. As with all battle royale games it will take a lot of players queuing up to ensure that each match is full and starts up fast.

The news today came from the Montreal based studio made up of industry figures hailing from the likes of Ubisoft, Square Enix, Eidos, etc. and with it details of what each Founder’s Pack will contain.

For players who invested in the game early on, before it was free, a set of three legendary axes, three legendary bows, a new jumpsuit, two legendary clothing outfits with interchangeable shirts, pants, helmets, and boots as individual items, as well as 10 fan gift items exclusively for Xbox users. In addition to these Founder’s Pack gifts there are also temporarily obtainable soccer sportswear in-game which can be found in fan gifts or purchased through Ramen in the game’s item shop until July 12, 2018.

Recent updates coming in with the 1.12 patch include behind the scenes footage, development road-maps, a dedicated Darwin Project Discord, overhauling of the show director rating system, graphics / performance improvements, five new show director powers, 200 new unlockable cosmetics, a new tool called the glider, duo’s mode as a permanent fixture, skill-based matchmaking, and more. New language updates have been announced to be coming soon to the game including French, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, German, Thai, Turkish, Brazilian, and Portuguese.

Darwin Project takes place in a world soon to see another ice age in which players fight to the death throughout a cold, harsh night in attempts to earn the right to live by being the last alive in morning. Crafting, wilderness survival, tricking and trapping opponents, and even temporary alliances are all par for the course. A director is also partially in control of the situation able to add hazards to a zone or mark it for death completely. The director can also choose to reward players, though surprisingly the game does well to encourage entertaining behavior rather than letting a director start griefing or play favorites.

With the game being available for Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview since March, Scavengers Studios plans to be have a final version “full release” for Darwin Project some time in 2018.

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