Highlights of USA / CANADA PlayStation Mid-2018 Sale (Up to 75% Off)

If you’ve got a full wallet and an empty external hard drive with massive storage space, this is an amazing time. The USA and Canada PlayStation Network Stores have been blasted with the largest PSN Sale seen in years following the big E3 2018 gaming event which saw Bethesda and Xbox take the crown in worldwide polls against good-not-great showings from PlayStation and Nintendo. The sale ends July 17, 2018 so definitely start browsing the store now. We have highlighted some of our picks as well as runner ups for convenience.

Among the titles listed for sale are many older games from various times across the lifespan of the PlayStation platforms including the PSOne version of Resident Evil 2 which was revealed to have a remake in the works during Sony’s show and is among many people’s top 3 games of E3, or in some cases the most anticipated game shown. PSN titles that function on PS4 also bring back Red Faction II and the original, and are on sale right in time for last week’s Red Faction Guerrilla Re-mars-tered (our review coming soon).

There’s also some epic unsung heroes such as the October 2016 PS4 release of 50’s action-adventure title Destroy All Humans! from THQ Nordic which certainly offered some new and engaging gameplay for its time when it first debuted on PlayStation 2 in 2005. Take a look at some of our favorites here, and be sure to head over to the PSN Store for yourself as the vast amount of games on sale is sure to hide many previous gems ripe for first time discovery or affordably re-living all over again!

*Games on sale will have an additional 5 – 10% cheaper if you have PS+.


Skyrim Special Edition + Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y. Bundle ($47.99 USD*) or $62.39 – Two games, and all of their expansion packs, for the price of one! Wow, that’s an incredible deal to kick off our list. Although Skyrim is considered the most mainstream game in the Elder Scrolls series, and it was boring to me at first – you really have to admire it as an excellent game when not put up against such high standards set by Oblivion and Morrowind. We all know Bethesda will bring the franchise back to glory with Elder Scrolls VI whenever that’s finally ready years from now, and Skyrim took the world by storm for a reason. If you know nothing about Elder Scrolls this is the best starting point.

As for Fallout 4, it’s in the same boat as Skyrim. Many gamers love it, but the hardcore Fallout fans will have a lot to complain about. That being said, revisiting both of these games after some time has passed and the hype goggles are removed, they’re very much excellent titles deserving of our time and filled with tons of lore that will become important in future games Bethesda is sure to evolve to the next level.

DOOM ($15.99 USD*) or $21.59 CAD – The rebirth of the demon-slaying, hell-inspired shooter in space that helped invent the entire FPS genre so many years ago in the MS DOS Era of the 1980s. John Carmack’s legacy lives on as id Software and Bethesda continues to bring forward new Wolfenstein and Doom titles, and the 2016 version simply titled DOOM is one of the most universally loved iterations to date.

Editor’s Note: The Elder Scrolls Online: Collection is also a great deal on an awesome MMORPG, but not currently on sale. The Collection includes the base game, Morrowind, and Summerset expansions as well as all previous DLC and updates and sells for $79.99 USD or $109.99 CAD.


Everyone has a soft spot for the good old days of turn-based RPG gaming, but if you have an emulator you can re-live a lot of this already. In fact, these games are so addicting and masterpiece level quality that you’ve probably already bought them more than once on many systems. I caught myself desiring another copy of Final Fantasy IX for PS4 even though I have it on Steam, my PlayStation 3 account, my wife’s PS3 account, our Vita, have owned it for PS1 twice, and probably emulated it at least once in the past. If you’re a big Final Fantasy fan then you know what I’m talking about… still, there are some very interesting listings here worth checking out!

Final Fantasy XIV Online: Complete Collection ($35.99) or $47.99 CAD – I actually got a chance to play this in 2010 before its September release of that year, and I can honestly say I didn’t expect the backlash that would come. Although I disagreed with monthly fees in modern games at the time, Square Enix took the negative response of their first release and through massive amounts of creativity, hard work, and listening to their community, they’ve actually made an excellent MMORPG out of this game.

The fourteenth Final Fantasy is really the second installment of something, the FFXI Online game which was an amazing experience on Xbox 360 and PC (with some people telling me they enjoyed it on PlayStation 2 though I’m shocked it could even run the title).

With Stormblood, Heavensword, a massive amount of updates (28gb plus the 38gb base game, don’t let the PS Store listing of 11gb fool you), there’s a lot to love about this game. If you have a PS4 Pro you can even experience the game in 4K HDR which I can report renders accurately without missing frames. A solid and stable game engine is the result of many years of tinkering and expanding. This game might not be for everyone, but the fun factor and addiction of the MMORPG genre is represented extremely well in Final Fantasy XIV Online: Complete Edition in a way that very few game companies can hope to capture these days. Not to mention, it’s very much still kicking alive and well.

The PS3 version of this game was sadly shut down in July of 2017, which I truly don’t understand and feels wrong to me for some reason, but the fact that people were still playing it and quickly snatched up a PS4 or built a PC just to stay connected says a lot about the game’s replay value. There is a subscription fee, 30 free days are provided if you’ve never played before, but if you’re looking for a good MMO, look no further – and get it 40% off while you still can!

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age ($29.99 USD*) or $38.99 CAD – Developed with the roots of the Final Fantasy series fused to the cinematic offerings of FFX and sometimes thought of as the offline version of FFXI Online, the 12th title in the FF series never really got a fair chance. Most fans of the franchise either hate it or love it with a passion, while a large number have never tried it at all. Released on PlayStation 2 in March of 2006 on the eve of next-generation PS3 and during the short term reign of Xbox 360, perhaps it was fate that this just wasn’t FFXII’s time.

Last summer The Zodiac Age was released and is the culmination of fan feedback as well as design concepts from the original development team that were left on the cutting room floor so many years ago. The half-step between turn-based combat and real-time action battles was awkward in the original, but Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age aimed to complete the fusion more professionally while also completely revamping the skill system into a job-based class structure. If you were on the fence about trying it, now’s your best chance, and perhaps finally this game’s time to shine a full 12 years later (how ironic).

Children of Zodiarcs ($12.59 USD*) or $16.79 CAD – Me and my wife bought this a couple months ago when we scoured the PSN store for affordable, interesting looking titles from Square Enix. Surprisingly charming and well put together, with just a couple gigabytes of space required – this is a grid-based strategy role playing game complete with an interesting story, unique additions to the genre including card game elements, mini-games, dice rolling, and deck-building, and more.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition – ($24.99 USD*) or $33.49 CAD – This outstanding game was originally praised for being so packed full of content that never stopped being interesting. Over time The Witcher 3 has been elevated into masterpiece status by blowing the minds of nearly every gamer who has played it, with even the harshest of critics satisfied by its open world action RPG offerings.

You owe it to yourself to experience what it’s like first hand if you haven’t already. Even if you’ve already played the title when it launched for PC, PS4, and Xbox ONE back in May of 2015 there’s no way you’ve cracked deeply enough into this world to lack new discoveries a second time around. For less than half the cost of a new game you can get what is likely better than what’s available right now anyways along with all of its expansion packs from a company who really believes in EXPANSION Packs, not just DLC. CD Projekt RED is a passionate development studio also working on something called Cyberpunk 2077, but that’s another story for another day…


Steep – Winter Games Edition ($25.79 USD*) or $34.39 CAD – One great thing about Ubisoft is that they continue to invest in new and interesting concepts. Steep is one of those instances in which you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The Winter Games Edition is especially expansive and with Steep players get a mixture of travel-style adventure, finding great heights in frozen tundra, and engaging in a wide variety of sports as they roam from cliff to cliff. It’s easy to recommend at the price currently available during this PSN Sale, especially if you have PS+ and get an even further 10% off.


Battlefield 1 Revolution ($19.79 USD*) or $26.39 CAD – This is probably the last good game that will come out of Electronic Arts, especially if their snoozer of an E3 Show this year was anything to go by. The core team of DICE left after BF3 and it’s obvious the B team has been leading up the series ever since. Nonetheless, Battlefield 1 was an accomplishment and this is a steal of a price to get the entire game with all of its updates and map packs included. If you don’t have it already and wanted to see the shooter everyone was talking about last year, grab this now.


  • inFamous First Light ($7.49 USD*) or $7.49 CAD
  • This Is The Police ($6.99 USD*) or $9.44 CAD
  • Drawful 2 ($4.99 USD*) or $4.99 CAD
  • The Elder Scrolls Online ($11.99 USD*) or $16.19 CAD
  • Darksiders Warmastered Edition ($5.99 USD*) or $8.09 CAD
  • Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition ($8.99 USD*) or $8.99 CAD
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle ($17.99 USD*) or $17.99 CAD
  • Diablo III: Eternal Collection ($35.99 USD*) or $47.99 CAD
  • Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator ($1.79 USD*) or $2.39 CAD
  • Tricky Towers ($7.49 USD*) or $7.49 CAD
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole ($25.79 USD*) or $34.39 CAD
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins ($35.99 USD*) or $47.99 CAD
  • Red Dead Revolver ($10.49 USD*) or $13.99 CAD
  • Final Fantasy VII ($9.59 USD*) or $9.59 CAD
  • Final Fantasy IX Digital Edition ($16.79 USD*) or $22.39 CAD
  • Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster ($14.99 USD*) or $20.09 CAD
  • Destroy All Humans! ($6.99 USD*) or$9.44 CAD
  • Destroy All Humans! 2 ($6.99 USD*) or $9.44 CAD
  • Red Faction ($4.49 USD*) or $5.99 CAD
  • Red Faction II ($4.49 USD*) or $5.99 CAD
  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy ($20.99 USD*) or $20.99 CAD
  • Bully ($10.49 USD*) or $10.49 CAD
  • The Dwarves ($11.99 USD*) or $16.04 CAD


  • The Last of Us (for PS3 Only) ($5.99 USD*) or $7.79 CAD
  • Red Dead Redemption (for PS3 Only) ($11.99 USD*) or $11.99 CAD
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (for PS3 Only) ($11.99 USD*) or $11.99 CAD
  • Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition (for PS3 Only) ($7.99 USD*) or $7.99 CAD


  • Resident Evil 2 (for PS3 / PSP / Vita Only) (PSOne Classic) ($3.59 USD*) or $3.59 CAD
  • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (for PS3 / PSP / Vita Only) (PSOne Classic) ($3.59 USD*) or $3.59 CAD
  • Chrono Trigger (For PS3 / PSP / Vita Only) ($5.99 USD*) or $5.99 CAD
  • Vagrant Story (PSOne Classic) (For PS3 / PSP / Vita Only) ($3.59 USD*) or $3.59 CAD
  • Breath Of Fire IV (for PS3 / PSP / Vita Only) ($3.59 USD*) or $3.59 CAD
  • Final Fantasy VI (for PS3 / PSP / Vita Only) (PSOne Classic) ($5.99 USD*) or $5.99 CAD
  • Final Fantasy VIII (for PS3 / PSP / Vita Only) (PSOne Classic) ($5.99 USD*) or $5.99 CAD
  • Final Fantasy V (for PS3 / PSP / Vita Only) (PSOne Classic) ($5.99 USD*) or $5.99 CAD
  • Chrono CROSS (PSOne Classic) (for PS3 / PSP / Vita Only) ($5.99 USD*) or $8.09 CAD

Reminder: There are many, many games on sale right now as part of this event, so be sure to check out PSN for yourself. If we tried to list them all this article would just be a copy and paste of the massive PlayStation website itself. Enjoy and don’t forget to make sure you know what you’re buying and actually have time to play these games, don’t be like those hoarders on Steam! Disclaimer: I’m one of those too when I’m not messing around with awesome PlayStation games, (haha).

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