How to get a Nintendo Switch for $225 (July 2018)

Americans are able to get a special deal on the Nintendo Switch for a limited time through Google Express (sorry, no Canadians allowed) via discount code on checkout with Target selected as the retailer. This deal comes from the infamous industry watchdog Wario64 who should be followed by anyone who wants to know the latest in gaming discounts, pre-order information, and other rare purchasing options for the latest games and technology. The person behind this account is unidentified and though theories have gone around about them being Suda51 or another industry figurehead hiding behind an anonymous call-sign, recent posts seem to hint that they might be in fact a games journalist.

In any event, this deal is something you wouldn’t want to pass up if you need a Nintendo Switch and feel the timing is right to budget for one. We’ll do our best to include instructions on how to go through with the offer in this article. It should be noted that the discount is designed for items in the cart and not specifically the Switch, but underground gamers likely stumbled upon it and repeated its usage for buying Switch hardware before Wario64 decided to share it. He obviously operates within a pretty clever group of gamers who seem to always have the latest and greatest deals at their fingertips.

Even so, this particular deal is only valid until July 17, 2018 so if you want it then you’ll need to hurry up and buy it within the next ten days. It also has to be in stock in a nearby store.

  • Step 1. Load up Google Express
  • Step 2. Type in “Nintendo Switch” then press Enter
  • Step 3. Select “Target” from the Filter on the left hand side
  • Step 4. Click “Add to Cart” on the $299.99 listing
  • Step 5. Click “Go to Checkout”
  • Step 6. Enter Mailing information & Billing Option
  • Step 7. Click “Promo Code”
  • Step 8. Enter “EXTRA25” for 25% off the order (Reducing the $330.74 including tax* total to $247.50)
  • Step 9. Apply the “SUMMERFUN” code for new users (Reducing the $247.50 to $227.50)
  • Step 10. Enjoy your new Nintendo Switch when it arrives!

*Your exact tax may vary from state to state, hence the extra $2.50.

Other Switch Deals: Currently there’s a few other deals going on around the Nintendo Switch for USA customers as well. At Best Buy, if you buy a Switch during this week you’ll get 50% off one of the following games (of your choice): Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or Splatoon 2. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is also selling for just $29.99 now at Best Buy locations, and is a game praised by many gamers although somewhat unexpectedly.

Editor’s Note: There’s a small chance that deals like this could be part of a Nintendo-sponsored sell-off of hack-able Switch hardware to reduce the amount of systems Nintendo would have to recall and ship back to themselves if they come up with a silent replacement of identical hardware that can’t be hacked. This is something of a far-fetched conspiracy theory but recent events of the NVIDIA Tegra exploit being used to inject adult content into the online portion of Nintendo games lend credibility to the theory. We will never know for sure as Nintendo probably won’t speak publicly about the hacks since it would only spread knowledge of them and encourage more people to try the dark art of console hacking.

5 thoughts on “How to get a Nintendo Switch for $225 (July 2018)”

  1. I don’t own a Switch yet..but I know back in the earlier days of PSP they tricked people into a Firmware Update by having them Download some Wallpapers and all that. Nintendo just needs to back off and just let the consumer do as they wish with the device and at most just tell them it’ll void their warranty. I love hearing all of these cool hacks and mods made for Switch

    1. I have nothing against hacks, but Nintendo is getting their brand new Switch games pirated now and adult porn content injected into online Switch games made for little kids. So they can’t just ignore it. You’re right about PSP but that was firmware updates needed to play new games which started with Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories. In the situation of Switch, the problem cannot be fixed with an update and instead will require them to change the hardware which they will probably do silently without telling anyone and make it identical to the original Switch hardware.

      I appreciate you checking out our work bro.

      1. You’re Welcome..and yeah I agree we can’t let kids get porn accessed to them with ease because that could go wrong in so many ways that even some parents my think it’s Nintendo’s fault as if they were the ones to make a gateway for them like them when it’s just a mod. Nintendo really should’ve made a Virtual Console for Switch instead of thinking they can kill off any Fan Game or Website that has their ROMs and believe they will have Gamers fork over money like crazy to the Mini Classic Consoles that sell out so quick and don’t have every game that some hoped they paid for on it too. Nintendo could very well be making way more money off their old games if they made it available so easily on something officially by them..but to try kill off that and other alternatives is only hurting them more.

        1. While you have raised good points once again, I think the lack of Virtual Console is also related to the wishes of the third party game companies. For example, the “PSOne Classic” games sold on PS3 but then Sony not offering something like this on PS4… Nintendo has said that companies who own the rights to the games (Example: Final Fantasy and Square Enix) would rather remake the games or release them as full titles instead of give the Roms out in order to re-work some aspects of the game either in a large or minor tweaking and improvement of the gameplay experience.

          1. Some remakes are fine..but I think the big 3 need to step it up with embracing their old games either as digital or physical backwards compatibility if one still owns the discs and everything for it. Microsoft really did good with this even though it’s kinda late in the run. Hopefully the next generation of consoles will bring some of the old features we loved back. Like I honesty keep going back to the previous consoles at most to game than the XBO and PS4 we have now..but of those 2 I play the XBO more since it’s cool with older games. I really want have everything on one console from the games to the features and more than just whatever graphics and power it has over the next.

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