Heroes of the Storm Beta – New Skins, Mounts, and Jets Revealed in 60 Frames Per Sec Trailer

Yesterday a new set of Skins and Mounts were revealed by Blizzard Entertainment for the upcoming free-to-play MOBA game Heroes of the Storm which will be compatible for Mac OS X and Windows PC and is currently being enjoyed by many Beta players worldwide. In case you missed it, we’ve taken the liberty of providing the trailer below in Full 1080P High Definition at 60 Frames Per Second. Among the new mounts is a hilariously goofy Funny Bunny Murky set, crazy Archon set for Mecha Tassadar that looks like it’s mechanized shape-shifting (or is it mega-morphing, transforming, I don’t know, whatever the kids call it these days), and a whole lot more. Sylvanas also got a bunch of new skins included in the Ranger-General set and the Master set. And there’s now a Mechanospider Mount. Yup, ‘arachno-phobes’ have fun sleeping tonight after this one!

For those who aren’t already aware, a little more info on Heroes of the Storm seems appropriate. Heroes for short (or HotS) takes place in an environment called The Nexus in which World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, and various other Blizzard Entertainment lore merges together to wage war in a custom tailored MOBA fashion. The game’s current state is praised for its easy to pick up and play functionality but also has a competitive edge in late-game and has spawned its own eSport branch.

Heroes of the Storm will be totally free to play and exactly which characters players can take control of on the battlefield without paying anything will be rotated regularly. Once players settle down into their favorites of course they’re free to buy Heroes with in-game gold or real money. If you already have a Battle.net account you can apply to be part of the Beta or purchase the Heroes of the Storm Founder’s Pack which costs $39.99 and permanently unlocks Diablo, Raynor, and Tyrande in addition to granting the player a bonus 2,500 in-game gold. There’s even 3 bonus skins for helping kickstart the funding of the project which are: Lurkablo Diablo, Commander Raynor, and Blood Elf Tyrande as well as a Golden Cyber Wolf Mount.

Heroes of the Storm – New Beta Gear 1080P / 60FPS Trailer:


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