Nexon Drops Another Dirty Bomb Beta Exclusively On Steam

Developed by Splash Damage, who is best known for their work on the game Brink which flopped but had a lot of interesting ideas to it, Dirty Bomb is a work in progress shooter game for computer platforms which is now available for purchase On Steam. This isn’t the first phase of the game’s Beta though, but it will no longer require progress wipes and the team behind the title is offering a Limited Edition Obsidian Load-Out Card to anybody who played during February or March and lost their progress before now. Buying in on Steam gains a player access to the full length of the Beta, 35K in-game credit, and a full-game unlock for characters Fragger, Vassili, Proxy, Sawbonez, and Arty.

Dirty Bomb takes place in a post apocalyptic London, UK and at the time of this writing has an 81% Positive feedback rating on Steam based off of 694 User Reviews of pre-release versions of the game. Nexon is known for publishing decent stuff and even if you didn’t like Brink the level of polish and how well thought out it was should be undeniable. Check out the latest Gameplay Trailer below for the title and as always, decide for yourself if it’s something you’re interested in of course.

Editor’s Note: We hopped on and recorded some footage. This is unedited and raw at Low settings on an entry build, but be on the lookout on our YouTube Channel for a full Let’s Play series.

RGN Closed Beta Gameplay:

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