The Evil Within: The Assignment Review

In The Assignment, the first part of a series of three add-ons for The Evil Within, we learn the motives and partial true identity of Juli Kidman, the female partner of Sebastian Castellanos, while gaining insight into the background of Ruvik, why Leslie is so important to him and the mysterious organization Kidman works for called Mobius.

The Assignment relies heavily upon stealth in that there is no other option for survival or progression. Either you ninja or you die. Kidman is equipped with only a flashlight, the odd glass bottle she collects to use as a distraction and the rare axe located in areas of elevated danger that can only be utilized for stealth kills and are destroyed after a single use. Her abilities are crouching and calling out to enemies to get them to move to more desirable locations. There is no upgrade system, but as she carries no weapons that isn’t an issue. The equip menu however, remains accessible. The result of Kidman’s many limitations is a feeling of heightened vulnerability and frantic desperation. I often found myself flat out making a run for it to evade enemies that were moments away from discovering Juli’s presence and just hoping her heel clad feet would be fast enough to whisk her away. If only she were so lucky.

Playing Hide-n-seek with the enemy.

Dubbed Light Lady, a new enemy featuring the bottom half of a hot nurse, the torso of a demonic venus flytrap and a light beacon for a head, stalks around at an off balanced jog in a torn and blood stained lab coat calling to Leslie in varying tones of deprived creeper. She makes appearances in several areas and is responsible for another new enemy. By shining her light on the haunted playing dead in the area, she is able to turn them into Cadavers. These creatures are bent over backwards with elongated rib cages protruding from their torsos and decked in explosive boils that glow red when they are alarmed.

Accompanying these new foes are some new areas and old ones experienced in new ways. For example, the headquarters for Mobius and finding out that Juli is actually from a village previously explored by Sebastian. Throughout the stages I kept getting the feeling that the reason I couldn’t find any weapons was because Sebastian was always a step ahead and snatching up all the goods. A lot of questions were answered in terms of what was happening every time they were separated and why she made certain choices that seemed cold beforehand. Also, like her partner, Juli had a safe haven of sorts. While Sebastian had an entire mental ward, Juli’s came in the form of a black house cat with a glowing red ribbon tied in a bow around its neck and a comfy couch.

Final Verdict: I enjoyed playing The Assignment for the advancements and insight it offered on the story. However, the stealth made it grueling and sometimes it just wasn’t fun. It became a matter of waiting, because I had to. With no methods of defense, because apparently Juli never had combat training, all caution was taken to not engage the enemy. Towards the end, Kidman seems to be coming to her senses and rebelling as she gains more knowledge about the type of people she works for. Hopefully, this hints at her rising out of submission to Mobius. Looking forward to some ass-kicking in the second installment, The Consequence.

Editor’s Note*: Juli’s adventure will take you around 4-5 hours to complete depending on your skill level.

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Developer: Tango Gameworks

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

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Played on: Sony PlayStation 4

Price: $9.99, included in the Season Pass for $19.99

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