VAMPYR is on sale and getting new features soon

In our review of Dontnod Entertainment’s cinematic action RPG VAMPYR we praised how the game forces players to live with the decisions they’ve made. This prevention of ludo-narrative dissonance is a brave and defining feature of the game. While other titles may allow players to simply re-load save files to see every decision play out without really role playing properly, we feel doing so casts the writing in an unfair view as well as ruins the experience. Instead, to play this game the way it was intended by the developers, no matter what decisions you make, is a far more intriguing prospect.

Some gamers may have lamented this due to replaying a fairly long game being the main way to see the rest of the decisions they didn’t make. As a hematologist who is also a vampire struggling with morality during an outbreak, VAMPYR certainly has very different outcomes that exciting to think about. Now, there will soon be more fulfillment for those wanting to adventure on this journey a second or third time and see a different path play out.


Many reviews of this game, including our own, found the combat to be slightly lacking in some aspects. While it’s not terrible by any means, there are certainly some repetitive moments and issues that could be worked out. For those who wanted to experience VAMPYR without having to face an imperfect battle system that takes up a lot of hours to get good at and excessive amount of fights to push through, a difficulty setting called “Story Mode” has been created.

This will likely be a god-send for some fans of Dontnod’s previous work which involved less gameplay and more of a interactive cinematic experience. There will still be combat in this mode, but it will take up a lot less of the focus and be much easier to get through.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, players who enjoyed the combat in VAMPYR but found it just barely missed the mark of meeting its full potential have hope that the new “Hard Mode” difficulty will create a chance for the developers to pursue that potential once more. Killing enemies will be harder, grant less experience, and a greater focus on selecting citizens to feed on will be presented.


We are also promised, in a general statement, that the game will run better. This could mean things like frame rates on mid-tier hardware for the PC version. We are also hoping that some other areas of the game we talked about in our review will be addressed. All in all, it’s a great time to pick up VAMPYR if you haven’t already. The game is 25% off for a limited time on PC and it is also available on PS4 and Xbox.

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