Demon’s Souls re-created in Dreams (PS4) at Gothic Novel Game Jam

The team behind LittleBigPlanet has done it again. Dreams is a PS4 exclusive project that’s been in the works for many years. With this title you’ll be able to craft experiences as abstract as a spirit journey or as defined as an interactive story book, then share it with the world who discover your content while ‘Dream Surfing’. It’s been indescribable compared to LBP which was marketed simply as “make your own games”, but today we learned more about it’s true potential.

As part of a Gothic Novel Game Jam presented by Media Molecule, an hour long broadcast which included assets made in-game being assembled into a Demon’s Souls re-creation, all within Dreams itself. The press has jokingly named it ‘Dreamon’s Souls’ and it has impressed the gaming community while reigniting discussion around this project.

Sony can be said to have taken a bit of a casual approach to promoting Dreams. Media Molecule has made them so much money with the LittleBigPlanet series that they were given a free license to try out any idea they wanted after LBP2 while Sumo Digital developed LBP3. For over 7 years Media Molecule has been creating Dreams. Sometimes Sony allows a studio to go the artistic route and put business demands aside. This can be seen with titles like The Last Guardian which took a decade to create and was always known to have a niche audience.

Sony paid for it without complaining and allowed it. They can do this and decide once in a while that they should because it enhances the prestige and artistic integrity of the PlayStation brand. In the case of Dreams, an experimental concept that needed a lot of sculpting before it could be understood by anyone outside of the dev team, it looks like that investment is going to pay off. Even if Dreams struggles to explain itself to customers and gain a huge following, it seems that the technical capabilities and imaginative beauty of the project will become legendary over time. The Dreams beta has been delayed several times but *might* come ‘soon’ and no release date is confirmed at this time. Check out the newest footage of it below!



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