Fanboys Fall Back, Exclusives R Good 4 U

These days it seems everybody wants everything, and they want it on whatever console they happen to own. There seems to be a major backlash against exclusive games both from the majors as well as indie developers. What is sad though, is that many times a lack of quality content ends up being the result of the multiplatform obsession that the gaming community has thrust upon publishers and developers of all shapes and sizes.

In the following RGN Podcast we discuss just how we feel about console exclusives and address the age old excuse that gamers always throw up, claiming they cannot afford more than 1 platform to game on and that it’s simply not fair for some games to be available only on a different platform that they don’t own. Instead of catering to this victimized state of mind we have provided a compelling argument that will serve as the first part of a longer series of discussions aimed at proving the point of exclusive games being good for the industry as a creative force driving originality, innovation, and healthy competition causing the focus of development studios large and small on creating high quality video games we wouldn’t otherwise see in such a polished state / form. Surely not all multiplatform games are bad, but take a listen to what we had to say on this show and tell us you don’t agree that buying every halfway decent game just because it releases is a cheap cop-out compared to spending big on hardware then picking and choosing only excellent software to purchase for it.

RGN Video Podcast:

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