VAMPYR the video game will become a TV series, FOX21 secures rights

Soon enough video games and film / television will continue to have more and more in common as filmmakers look for new and exciting ways to see their medium progress forward. Technologies like AR and VR are sure to change the landscape for interactive entertainment in both industries, but while waiting for such innovations to become more mainstream we are seeing some interesting exploration of intellectual properties.

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead video game series largely focuses on in-the-moment decision making scenes rather than traditional gaming in order to provide a sort-of “Choose Your Own Adventure” experience like that of old school books with the same label. We learned recently that these Telltale Games will make an appearance in some form on the popular streaming service Netflix.

Beyond that we have seen a huge influx of new and decently handled video game IP-based films. Chief among them are the currently ongoing development of work-in-progress films for Watch Dogs, Uncharted, and Metal Gear Solid. News today has revealed that FOX21 has secured the rights to create a television series based on VAMPYR by Dontnod Entertainment (the team behind Life Is Strange, Remember Me, and upcoming New IP ‘Twin Mirror’). Our VAMPYR Real Gamer Review had plenty of positive things to say, much of it to do with story.

It will be fascinating to see now, if this TV production will simply adapt the plot of this title into a traditional viewing experience or be able to incorporate any of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” aspects of games like it. It does seem to be a normal TV show, since the main reason such an expectation was placed on Telltale’s The Walking Dead is because of the software side of Netflix itself. Normal TV channels probably won’t be able to replicate such input from the user, giving Netflix the advantage in that regard.

Either way, it will surely be a very gripping and fun to watch series if the game is anything to go by.  This also gives a good injection of hope that the VAMPYR franchise will not end with its single entry. One of our hopes is to see a sequel, prequel, or spiritual successor as the title truly was onto something and with some tweaking its formula could be exceedingly well done game design.

Wonderland Sound & Vision will produce the series with DJ2 Entertainment executive producing. Oskar Guilbert (Dontnod Entertainment CEO) believes that VAMPYR “-is a fantastic premise for a television show,” and Jurgen Goeldner (CEO of Focus Home Interactive, which published VAMPYR) calls it a “-uniquely dark, immersive world with deep narration,” going as far as to call VAMPYR “a modern day video game classic.” If you haven’t tried it yet, now could be the best time! VAMPYR is receiving brand new features. Whether you play the game or not, you’ll seen be able to kick your feet up and see its world come to life.

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