Valkyria Chronicles 4 details its DLC and a surprise ahead of launch

I still have my steel case edition of the Valkyria Chronicles HD Remaster on PlayStation 4 and ever since the PSP days this has been a series that is fond to me. For those who are unfamiliar with the franchise, I have three words for you “turn based shooter” but implore further investigation as to the strategic pleasure one can find in such a genre you may have never known existed.

As Valkyria Chronicles 4 heads to release this month, Atlus and SEGA have now revealed that the original Valkyria Chronicles alongside all of its DLC will also become available for Nintendo Switch this Fall. Leading up to these product launches, Atlus and SEGA have released a number of art assets, screenshots, and detailed just what we can expect in terms of key features for the two new releases.


Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox will all be host to the release of the fourth Valkyria Chronicles game upon its release on September 25, 2018. Its DLC schedule has been detailed and consists of both free and paid content drops beginning day one with the Japanese Voice Pack for Nintendo Switch (already part of the base game on other consoles, but separate on Switch so users can decide to use their storage space or not), New Tank Decals (free), and A Captainless Squad (included with digital pre-orders or available for $4.99 on October 23, 2018 for standard edition owners).

A number of bundled special edition missions are available day one for those who have purchased the ‘Memoirs from Battle’ Premium Edition of the game, but drop at a later date for standard edition owners; Edy’s Advance Ops (available for $3.99 purchase on December 4, 2018 for standard edition owners), and A United Front with Squad 7 (available for $5.99 on December 18, 2018).

In addition to these Premium Edition DLC drops there will also be the following content releases; Squad E, to the Beach! ($6.99 on October 9, 2018), Expert Level Skirmishes ($4.99 on November 4, 2018), and The Two Valkyria ($4.99 on November 20, 2018).


Surprising anticipating fans with a way to get more VC on the handheld / home console hybrid system from Nintendo, Valkyria Chronicles with its original DLC lineup is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch eShop on October 16, 2018 with an automatic $5 discount for owners of Valkyria Chronicles 4 available during the period of October 16, 2018 – December 17, 2018.

This package accompanies the launch of VC4 and adds titles to the potential library of Switch owners who are looking to get a little more backstory on the events that take place in VC4 since they are directly related to those of the original.


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