Rumor: Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD releasing for PS4?

Update: Square Enix has confirmed this rumor and launched FFXV Pocket Edition HD for PS4 and Xbox with a Nintendo Switch version coming as well. The title is also subject to a 40% off discount right now. Below is our unedited rumor of the post and the new trailer for the game.

In what looks to be a legit screenshot taken by a Japanese PS4 gamer (@Hamasukei_6) Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD is seen as one of the tiles within the European PlayStation Store. For those who are unaware, Square Enix launched a mobile version of FFXV a while back for Android and iOS which impressively featured all of the same story points, gameplay levels, and activities as the full PS4 / Xbox title but with simplified controls that made more sense for mobile smartphones as well as charming chibi style graphics.

This one piece of evidence alone has now sparked a rumor across the gaming press that FFXV: Pocket Edition will actually become available for PlayStation 4 instead of being exclusive to mobile.

In the video game industry there are tons of fake rumors created every year. Fans often can’t help themselves with fantasizing about different versions of games that don’t exist. Sometimes if a rumor gains enough attention, it can also become a reality – as game companies have the clear data to see that making the myth they’ve been presented with by fan demand into an actual product could be very profitable. However, most of the time such things are just a disappointment for everyone involved.

That being said, something about this particular piece of leaked content feels real to us. It doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that anyone would be drooling over making a fake rumor about, and it does seem like something fun for gamers who would like a more casual way of experiencing the grand tale of the ever-expanding Final Fantasy XV universe. Since its release the title has been updated constantly with tons of free DLC, free updates, paid DLC, and even a Royal Edition upgrade which added first person mode, and a lot more. The full title is over 100GB when all patches are applied, with another 30GB update released within the last month on top of that. There’s even been a standalone PlayStation VR spin-off expanding on the satisfying fishing mini-game found in FFXV!


So, could it be real then? If so, would this be something collectors could also benefit from purchasing? Is FFXV the game that keeps on giving? Only time will reveal the true nature of Square Enix and their plans behind FFXV, but it seems likely this is the real deal.

[Some Info Sourced: Gematsu via PushSquare]

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