Here’s all the Fallout 76 videos plus today’s new one

Atomic energy was just one perk of splitting the atom, but more importantly – nuclear weaponry was also made possible by this grand scientific breakthrough. As with most weapons of mass destruction, nukes can achieve peace! Through the fear of being demolished many uneasy alliances have been formed. As Fallout 76 approaches release for PS4, Xbox, and PC on November 14, 2018 we have a new trailer from Bethesda Game Studios showcasing a little more of how this system will work.

Previously covered in our Closer Look At Fallout 76 Pt. 1 article, this system is a big part of generating end-game content but will not be free and loose. Instead, Bethesda has taken great care at balancing the player versus player aspects of Fallout 76 in a way that no other online title has seen yet. Through the use of subtle game design decisions (some of which have yet to be revealed in full) there will be a nuanced way of obtaining nuclear weapons and an incentive for players not to troll or “grief” others but instead enjoy the nuclear option within the framework of the intended experience which sees players taking up valuable roles in an overarching society in which co-operation is often more attractive than mindless killing of others.

More info is becoming available as we move forward ever so closely to the full launch of Fallout 76 (named after Vault 76 which opens up in the year 2076). We plan to do another close look at the title before the B.E.T.A. drops in October 2018 and then follow the series with in-depth pieces during its B.E.T.A. period as well as Launch Week.

If you are one of the many millions of players on the edge of your seat for this gem of a game, you should take a look at the long-term vision of the company behind it as showcased at this year’s Bethesda E3 2018 Press Conference. We are also looking forward to learning more about the first ever portable Elder Scrolls game – The Elder Scrolls: Blades (unless you count the Nokia N-Gage, and let’s be honest – we don’t). Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that Bethesda will launch a fully New IP based on space travelling humans set in a realistic universe called Starfield (and it might even end up on PlayStation 5). A hardcore single player title was also revealed to be in pre-production, The Elder Scrolls VI.

Recently Bethesda have also stated that they probably won’t release their collectible card game, The Elder Scrolls Legends, on PS4 unless Sony allows for cross-play and cross-progression between the title’s many versions on various platform like Android, iOS, and soon Xbox. They have also expressed that they want Fallout 76 to be cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation users (alongside PC players) but that Sony is holding up such an arrangement. Only time will tell if Bethesda ends up being the company that can crack Sony’s heart on that issue. Bookmark our Fallout 76 Section for more info on this as it becomes available and until we see you out in the wasteland, keep it real and keep it gaming!



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