GUNNAR Intercept Onyx – Computer / Gaming Eyewear Review

Protect your eyes from constant damage through staring at a screen all day and all night whether gaming or working. Sounds too good to be true, right? I had my suspicions, but am happy to report that assuming a pair of GUNNAR eyeglasses won’t help the average to extreme gamer / computer user would be dangerously wrong – they indeed help a ton. I’m somebody that gets way too much face time with screens. If I’m not working on a computer I’m usually gaming on a console, computer, handheld, even twiddling around with my smartphone or tablet. Until cybernetics becomes cheap and affordable, this is my life. I’d recently been getting incredibly painful symptoms of eye strain and fatigue including visible veins and chronic migraines, and while GUNNAR eyewear probably won’t end that completely it has been the best method I’ve found thus far to prevent that from happening.

Immediately upon popping on the Intercept glasses you’ll notice the yellow-ish hue that everything takes. Our Deputy Editor also has a pair and he told me he felt the glasses actually add to his perception of color in games. Personally, I don’t feel negatively or positively about the color alteration but I can say it’s not strong enough to hinder a visual interpretation of games – and that was a major concern before trying them on. Comfort level is decent enough, and the company has made an effort to have them be compatible with gaming headsets though they can still be a bit of a pain in that situation. The felt carrying case that comes with the pair doubles as a cleaning cloth for when the oils from your face inevitably cause a bit of a smudge and I’ve misplaced my other cloths I had similar to this for wiping my TV or laptop screen so it’s nice to have that included in the package.

Onto the actual performance of the Intercept glasses with a bit more detail though, I did notice for me personally wearing these made my vision more focused on the big picture rather than individual aspects of what I was looking at. I found this to be an advantage and a neat experience. I’m not sure if this is due to increased comfort when looking at digital scenes because of reduced eye-strain, the effect the bend of the lenses has on me, or the filtering of colors through the slightly yellow tinted hue, but I enjoy it either way. I feel that being able to see more peripheral viewpoints while gaming or working without straining the eyes is definitely a good thing.

I’ve had the glasses for a couple of weeks now and I’ve actively tracked their effectiveness in a way I can numerically express. Staring at screens for 14+ hours per day had began to bother my eyes to the point where I simply couldn’t do it anymore. I would need to take a complete break for a few days after a week of doing this and even when returning I’d only be able to handle 6 – 8 hours of screen time a day. This was troubling since my work largely revolves around computers. Since getting the GUNNAR Intercept glasses and making a point to use them every time I’m looking at the screen, I’m able to go beyond that 14 hour period and a normal night’s sleep is all I need to recover. I can even go a couple of days if I want to without much break and the glasses are successfully preventing the negative effects from creeping up until I’ve well exhausted myself and want to sleep anyways. Make no mistake, I’m not suggesting that people should stare at screens for this long but rather that the glasses simply DO work how they are marketed and prevent eye strain even against the most extreme testing conditions.

According to research by The Vision Council “over 70% of American adults” are suffering symptoms from over-use of electronic screens as I’ve described above and they might not even realize that these glasses exist. If you’re reading this review, you’ve probably known about them for a while and are just now considering jumping in because of the lower price point finally offered by the big name brand. Indeed, GUNNAR is the most trusted brand to offer this type of solution. They are the only company to get the seal of approval from doctors and be recommended by the medical field to combat what is known as “blue light”, the main culprit of our vision problems from these screens. Scarily enough, beyond what I’ve personally experienced, too much exposure to this can also cause blurred vision and eventually cataracts at a way younger age than normal.

I’ve heard some criticisms of the glasses and would like to address those now. Some say that they don’t like the fact “GUNNAR” is etched into the top left lens. I’ll be honest, I could see how that would bother some people but I simply cannot see it. Maybe it’s because I’m keeping them closer to my face than others, but the words are not visible to me so that’s a non-issue with my experience. The glasses smudge a bunch, but as I mentioned the carrying case they came with quickly and easily remedies that. The smudging is mostly caused by things like steam from a cup of coffee rising up behind the lenses, so I can’t really blame the glasses themselves for that anyways. Easily smudged or not, I’d hate to face the wrath of computer screens without these things after seeing the very tangible result of their protection.

Final Verdict:

GUNNAR Computer Glasses are something that used to be a luxury, out of reach for many gamers’ budgets but something many people really wanted to try and knew probably worked. It’s a necessary device for anybody spending more than a handful of hours a week in front of games consoles and / or computers, and I’d bargain that’s almost everyone these days. But thanks to the GUNNAR Intercept lineup the price of protecting yourself (or if you’re extreme like me, extending that gaming / work binge even further than you already are) is very much affordable. For the price and manufacturing quality paired with a brand that is doing positive things in the gaming community, GUNNAR Intercept are absolutely worth looking into. I highly recommend that if you’re on the fence about GUNNAR you bite the bullet and grab a pair to find out for yourself how much they will make a difference in your life during this Digital Age. You can even get Prescription Lenses!

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