Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout Beta (Hands-On) Impressions

First off, the game’s character customization brings back a lot of memorable faces such as the iconic characters from the Black Ops trilogy including Woods, Menendez, Mason, and Reznov. As far as customizing these characters there really isn’t much to do besides dropping in-game and having to scavenge for loot around the map while slightly being able to change their attire beforehand.

Activision Blizzard also has other characters from the multiplayer mode itself to use which are more decked out in attire than the Blackout characters. The game itself runs very smoothly, the combat feels very fluent and fast-paced, something some people are used to if they’ve ever played Call of Duty games. Don’t be fooled, it will feel very similar to other games in the series but it does have its own style as well which seems surprisingly well-fit for battle royale.

The Beta’s map is very large and a lot of combat happens in each area, as far as I’ve played at least. Each area has its own twist on old maps from the Black Ops series. At one point, I dropped into a firing range and had a nostalgia moment from being in the map. it felt like I was playing the original Black Ops game but in the midst of major improvements and new gameplay concepts.

Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode has its basic solos, duos, and squads (or as Call of Duty calls it ‘quads’). You still can join up with friends and enjoy the game a lot more than you would playing solo. Not saying the game isn’t enjoyable without friends, too. I’ve found the game to be more enjoyable in the fact of being in a first person view in solos rather than third person like most battle royale games. This perspective makes it more nerve racking and puts me more edge on when I’m on my own by introducing an increased need to be careful, fast, yet strategic.

Blackout’s guns are what you would see in the multiplayer of the game if you have played Black Ops 4 MP Beta a few months back. They all have an ammo system similar to PUBG, they have the 5.56, 9mm, and 7.62 ammo types. There’s actually more ammo types as well but those are the most common. Interestingly enough, there is at least one portion of the map in which you can land and defeat zombies who will drop fantasy-based weapons from the Black Ops series like the Ray Gun. This shows that COD’s take on battle royale involves many, many various events taking place on one map at the same time.

The healing and armor pickups are pretty much what you expect. The smaller healing items will only heal you up to 150 total (around 15 each for the smallest ones) and the trauma kits are able to heal you back up to the full 200. Weapon attachments are also in the game. Pretty much all of the usual sights, scopes, grips, and mag customization from the multiplayer COD titles are here and as far as attaching them to your weapons – the process is now very fast.

The most surprising feature to Blackout is that the developers have their Zombies game mode mashed up with the battle royale mode such as the characters from the previous zombie games showing up as playable characters in-game. In the beta you’re not able to play as them yet due to it being just a beta, but you are able to look them over in the character menu.

Black Ops 4 Blackout has the zombie maps such as transit’s diner area built into the map as a drop area and the drop box or the mystery box in perspective when you would run up to the areas around the map or where the mystery box would reside they would send zombies after you to be a sort of blockade or obstacles in which would try to prevent you from obtaining the loot from it. Some of the weapons would show up in-game from the zombies games. So far I’ve mainly seen the MP40 but I’ve also heard from others saying there have been Monkey Bombs as well. This certainly adds a lot of variety to the title’s end-game scenarios and moment to moment action never quite feels the same.

The mode also has vehicles in-game such as boats, helicopters, ATVs, and trucks to traverse the landscape around the many locations on the Blackout map. None of the vehicles have weapons as far as I know. The vehicles are pretty basic and are there for the player to get out of the storm, or ‘circle’, a bit faster. Blackout is a pretty entertaining game mode when release comes in the next month I’ll definitely be looking forward to playing it again!


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  1. Been watching streams of the game. Man, I can’t wait ’till Saturday so I can get my hands on the game. That Battle Royale mode looks siiiiick!

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