Nintendo Underground: Three New RPGs, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC, and more

In this week’s eShop update for Nintendo Switch there’s a lot of new games available for gamers. In addition to the Mega Man 11 Demo which many of you have already been experiencing, there are some modern day classics, retro hits, and indie delights newly launched on the market.

In a brimming press release Nintendo is shining the light on three excellent RPGs with very, very different styles that are now uploaded to the Nintendo Switch eShop and will become available for purchase either today or by next week. Also: Don’t miss our full coverage of this week’s September 2018 Nintendo Direct which showed off a new Animal Crossing, detailed Nintendo Switch Online, Super Mario Party, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and a lot more!


Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut is an incredibly well crafted, hi-resolution RPG taking place from the bird’s eye view and made by the creators of the original Fallout titles. With a survival aspect in a post-nuclear apocalypse world, players scavenge what they can and make major decisions in how to interact with the people they come across. There’s over 80 hours of gameplay packed into this game, and that’s not including the open world ‘do whatever you want’ aspect which could easily add hundreds of hours to that number.

Developer / Publisher: inXile Entertainment
MSRP: $29.99 / Rated: M for Mature / eShop Link



Undertale is an oddity of the modern gaming world infused with graphics from a bygone era. While invading a world of monsters, players begin to wonder if they are the true monster. Their actions will have consequences that could haunt them until the end of their journey – or into the next. Without spoiling anything we can tell you that every character in this strange and fascinating game matters. Every choice and action made through traditional video game logic would be better equipped with a few moments hesitation and a bit of deep thinking. Showing mercy to your foes is a luxury you perhaps can afford, but will you be able to resist the urges gaming taught us?

Developer / Publisher: 8-4, Ltd.
MSRP: $14.99 / Rated: E10+ for Everyone 10+ / eShop Link



An Action RPG with storytelling, narrative-driven focus, and incredible hand-painted visuals awaits in Bastion for the Nintendo Switch. With over 40 different environments to behold, upgrading weapons and taking on flexible creatures adjusting to the land as you go, players unlock the secret to stopping the calamity faced by a fantastical world far from the throws of our own reality.

Developer / Publisher: Supergiant Games
MSRP: $14.99 / Rated: E10+ for Everyone 10+ / eShop Link



Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country is a massive expansion being added to the 2017 title which will be available in a few different ways. For season pass holders, the content can be downloaded and added to the game for free and a week early. For those who own a physical copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, they can purchase the expansion pack by itself or buy the season pass to the game. A new option being made available next week is the ability to buy a digital download copy of the base game by itself or bundled with this new DLC. However you slice it, one of the most beloved RPG titles of the modern age is receiving a big upgrade.

Developer / Publisher: Monolith Soft / Nintendo
MSRP: $39.99 / Rated: T for Teen / eShop Link



The following titles are also available now or will be this week, as Nintendo notifies through their press release that these are the new software uploads being made to the eShop:

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