New Adventure Title Starring Jim F***ing Sterling Son Hits Steam

With the writing of a best-selling author and the voice of a quite outspoken YouTube critic, The Charnel House comes fully equipped with the intrigue and atmosphere to provide excellent adventure gameplay. I’m not just speaking on behalf of the trailers, we are lucky enough to be graced with a copy of the game from Mastertronic and will provide full review as soon as we’ve had more time to play through it. What we have played so far though is certainly entertaining and often times has a somewhat relaxing feel to it.

Alex Davenport and Dr. Harold Lang are characters who are uncovering their past while paving their futures, and though they don’t know each other yet they will soon become closer than expected. Development Studio Owl Cave has presented Sepulchre which serves as the first chapter of this trilogy in addition to the two new entries as one full package on Steam for a limited time discounted price of just $4.79 (20% off) to celebrate its release.

Point and Click Adventure fans will be happy to know the title employs many of the classic mechanics of the genre while giving a high quality presentation and features the work of Ben Chandler of Wadjet Eye Games, Ashly Burch, Ashton Raze, Ivan Ulyanov, best-selling author Madeleine Roux, and of course many more souls who seem to have a decent grasp on what makes an Adventure game good. Take a look at the trailer below if you’re interested in more and be sure to hit up the Steam Listing for the game before the sale ends if you want to buy.

Official Launch Trailer:

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