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About Us: RealGamerNewZ is made up of passionate gaming experts who provide up-to-date market assessments, consumer data, and down-to-earth critiques of the video games industry. Known for our strong partnerships with leading publishers, developers, as well as promoting indie games through our platform. Our current team is primarily made up of veterans who have already created thousands of articles across the previous decade in the video games journalism world maintain accredited membership of the international press. Our writing is diverse, outspoken in nature, with detailed thought put into every report.






Jon Ireson
Editor-In-Chief, Podcast Member, Videographer, Programmer
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Channels: Jon Iro-san, RealGamerNewZ YT

Tristan Werbe
Deputy Editor, Podcast Member
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Jen Ireson
Project Director, Podcast Member, Videographer
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Paul Ireson
Executive Editor, Podcast Member
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DJ Killzown Jones
News Editor
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Channels: DJ Killzown Jones YT, Twitch

Josh Ehresmann
Public Relations Editor
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Jermain Jackson
Content Creator, 2nd Deputy Editor
Channels: BajanShinobi YT, Twitch

Jason Haywood
Reviews & Features Author

J.T. Melanson
Reviews & Features Author

Kyle Heller
Reviews & Features Author

Brant Duke
Reviews & Features Author

Matthew Dokurno
Reviews & Features Author

Mitch Walters
Account Key Holder / Columnist Author

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