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Jade Raymond (Co-Creator of Assassin’s Creed) leaves open world Star Wars title quitting EA Games

EA Motive is a game studio founded by Jade Raymond (who is one of the creators behind the successful Assassin’s Creed franchise). In what feels like a shockingly familiar tale, EA Games has lost another talented professional as Raymond leaves behind an unannounced story-focused Star Wars title and steps down from her position at EA Motive to move on towards greener pastures.

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The issue of overtime at Rockstar Games isn’t going away just yet…

[Update: Red Dead Redemption 2 makes over $725 million in 3 days, bigger than any film, music, book, or tv show]

We recently breezed over the fact that 100 hour workweeks had been a bragging point by a small number of top level executives and writers in the Red Dead Redemption 2 team at Rockstar Games. However, major updates have continued to develop with the story. Although we have heard from some of our audience that there is more than one way of looking at this issue, we do want to continue delivering the facts as well for what we feel is an important issue. Regardless of where you land in the debate, the conversations being triggered will affect Rockstar in some way – for better or worse.

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The Escapist returns to gaming journalism, vows to avoid politics

Politically charged reviews, news, and gaming articles are a plague to the industry which has become disturbingly one-sided as the years go on. But enough of that, we here at RGN have dabbled in the topic throughout the past – especially during more tumultuous time periods of gaming. However, fans tell us that one of the best attributes of RGN is that we are more focused on gameplay than anything else. Politics are not always appropriate and often times are used as a way to click-bait users into rage commenting to drive up views rather than genuinely believing the toxic nonsense they’re spouting.

One website which was heavily involved in the political gambit during a darker time in games journalism is The Escapist. With slowly losing many of their creative talents who fled to YouTube among the sinking popularity of gaming websites, The Escapist eventually had to close its doors. This week we received word that the website will return in the form of Escapist Magazine Volume Two, but this time they’ve promised that they’re “leaving politics at the door”.

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Telltale Games: Netflix, Layoffs, The Shutdown, Lawsuits, and soon, removal from stores

With one of the least expected and most devastating game studio closures in recent memory, last week saw the end of the legacy created by Telltale Games who grew from humble point and click adventure beginnings with games like Sam and Max to what some dub ‘interactive movies’ like Telltale’s The Walking Dead. In a world where corporate greed gets the best of many design teams, Telltale Games was guilty of chasing a formula for printing money. Nearly 300 people have lost their jobs (estimates ranging from 225 – 280) after being given 30 minutes notice, no severance pay, and only enough health care to last them and their families until the end of the month (which is just a few days away at the time of this writing).

While many employees from the creative team had already jumped ship, and a round of layoffs previous had promised to fix the course of the company, it is safe to say that few realized just how dire the situation was. Even though a handful of demographics considered their products ‘not real games’, most appreciated Telltale’s story-driven titles as a break from other gameplay intensive projects in their library. Telltale’s well written plots and characters made it so that even though their decision making wasn’t crucially impactful, their games were still very much enjoyable experiences. And even with way too many licenses on their hands at once, the company seemed to be getting decent sales and staying afloat.

However, deep under the surface there were tensions brewing between the developers and the executive branch of the company. Somehow, money was also beginning to run dry. New ways to monetize and spread Telltale’s ‘interactive experiences’ to a larger audience were being explored. New partnerships were being sought out for funding. All the while, gamers were waiting longer and longer for every episode and began to notice that the game engine behind these titles never improved in any substantial way. Then finally, Telltale ran out of time to fix their problems boiling under the surface, and everything seems to have overflown at once.

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VAMPYR the video game will become a TV series, FOX21 secures rights

Soon enough video games and film / television will continue to have more and more in common as filmmakers look for new and exciting ways to see their medium progress forward. Technologies like AR and VR are sure to change the landscape for interactive entertainment in both industries, but while waiting for such innovations to become more mainstream we are seeing some interesting exploration of intellectual properties.

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Children addicted to video games? Blame the parents, not the game company

Firstly, Fortnite is not supposed to be played by kids. You’re never more than half a mile away from a group of huddled mothers (like Karen Dowdall of the local Peterborough, Ontario news outlet MyKawartha) who keep buying their kids video games rated for adults and then complaining that their kids can’t handle them. Call of Duty games for example are rated M for Mature, meaning players should be 18 years old or older. Fortnite is rated T for Teen as well but can be found installed on the PS4 systems of ten year olds all over the world. This epidemic of poor parenting and misinformed Canadians has led to televised news reports, written reports, and even published papers that all seem to miss one important fact: the games were rated for adults, not children.

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Mass Exodus: Bioware veterans quitting among rumored Anthem problems

Yet another one of Bioware’s founding fathers has left the game development studio behind titles like EA’s Mass Effect and the upcoming Anthem. The studio once held a good reputation in the industry for its story-tellers and RPG design experts, but their image slowly slid until most gamers began to view their titles as mediocre at best. Scores came in lower each time a new game was released with Dragon Age II, Mass Effect 3, and Mass Effect Andromeda standing out as some of their least enjoyed and lowest rated products.

This problematic scenario has caused many fans to believe that Anthem is something EA Games forced Bioware to create, seeing it as a ‘games-as-a-service’ product built for greedy cash-in functionality similar to other hollow titles EA has produced recently. This is based on evidence, not conspiracy, since Visceral Games was forced to create Battlefield: Hardline and their Dead Space IP was killed. Most fans also fear that if Anthem doesn’t turn out to be an extremely profitable project, EA Games will shut down the studio as they have with so many others before; most recently Visceral Games following the failure for Dead Space 3 to reach unrealistic goals set by EA.

Now, amid rumors that Anthem is seeing problems in development, the people who helped make Bioware what it is today are leaving. It’s understandable that those who remain a part of this company fear for their jobs and face unreasonable stress every day. After all, EA responded to Mass Effect Andromeda’s reception by immediately liquidating Bioware Montreal – an offshoot of the studio that was meant to expand its production capabilities and recruit new talent from the massive Montreal game development community.

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NASA and Samsung team up to create A Moon For All Mankind 4D VR Experience

In commemoration to the 50th year anniversary of the Apollo missions that saw USA successfully land humans on Earth’s Moon in July 1969, NASA and Samsung have come created a new attraction available to the public in New York City from now until July 2019.

Combining the AMOLED display technology behind their Galaxy S9+ smartphone model with Gear VR, authentic astronaut training suits, and data from the Apollo program’s mapping systems, participants will get to experience their own Moon mission in an immersion-centric experience crafted from the ground up for realism. It’s called A Moon For All Mankind, or AMFAM for short.

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A Moment Of Silence Is Requested ~ We Mourn TotalBiscuit

Last Thursday a tragedy occurred as the world lost the #1 PC Gaming Critic John (TotalBiscuit) Bain who is survived by his brilliant wife and CEO of CynicalBrit, Genna Bain as well as their child and pets. His bravery to continue forward as the provider for his family and a powerful voice for pro-consumer industry standards in the all too often hostile and cruel video games business in the face of terminal illness has been an inspiration to many journalists, critics, and gamers for a long time.

John was open with his audience about suffering from colon cancer for many years which became resistant to all forms of chemotherapy last month during which time the disease had spread to his liver and disqualified him from other treatment options. Sadly, we all knew this day would come – although many of us thought there’d be so much more time left until it happened.

Firstly, we’d like to share some of TotalBiscuit’s messages to the world of video games over the coming years, and hope that *if* Genna Bain decides to continue the Co-Optional Podcast, TB’s views will continue to be represented by the likes of Jesse Cox and Dodger who were essentially his band-mates in a show that has held comradery with pro-consumer topics in video games for some time now.

TotalBiscuit himself has been known for standing up against censorship, false flagging attacks, online harassment, pre-order culture, pay to win micro-transactions, unfinished games, the inability to get digital game refunds (until recently) and a hell of a lot more. Anyone who has missed out on his content, his voice lives on. Over 2 million subscribers and a 2014 Trending Gamer of the Year Award can’t be wrong, check him out HERE. Some seriously deep messages that challenge and add to gamer philosophy and the culture of our business are contained in his videos in addition to tons of fun, light-hearted laughs, and highly expertise PC Gaming critique. I will seriously miss him as a critic and fan.

Secondly, we’d like to ask that those who had something against the gaming critic allow the fans, families, and friends of TotalBiscuit who have been affected by his loss to have a moment of silence and grieve. There have been a number of indiscretions made in light of this tragic event in which the name of a loved critic who has passed on has been invoked with negativity. One ex-Bioware developer, one current Bioware developer, and several developers at Blizzard, Treyarch, and Hello Games will have to live with their actions of speaking ill of the deceased simply because they cannot handle criticism of their work.

Fans, please leave those people alone and don’t harass these game devs who have abused their voice. Instead let’s all share our favorite TB moments over the coming years and let his lessons on the industry rise above the petty squabbles of critics versus executive old guard. Also, let’s all just keep the politics out of this and focus on the video games!

Devs, please don’t become one of those regrettable individuals and instead choose to say nothing at all. If you’re proud of the games you’ve made, let the games speak for themselves and let the critics have their own space. At least, if you’re going to criticize a critic, do it while they’re still alive and not spitting on the grave of someone, since you wouldn’t want them to do that to you.


Jon Ireson, RealGamerNewZ

Rest In Peace John (TotalBiscuit) Bain
Born: July 8, 1984
Diagnosed: March 23, 2014
Deceased: May 24, 2018
World of Warcraft Radio Host, StarCraft eSports Broadcaster, eSports Team Founder, Philanthropist, PC Gaming Critic, Gamer, Father, Husband, Son, and more.

Please take a moment to check out one or more of this small handful of highlights which only begins to represent the many contributions TotalBiscuit has made to the games industry:

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The Unspoken Crime of Sony… Murdering the PS3’s Functionality and PlayStation 3 Community

Update: Although the original problems of this piece still remain unsolved, Sony does deserve some credit for getting back to me on the issue of not being able to re-download my library of 530 PlayStation 3 games on PSN. They’ve made it right, and revealed to me how others can do the same.

It turns out the website I mentioned which used to allow PSN users to remotely de-activate PS3 systems which they can no longer access for Game Content still exists, but it is hidden. A decoy website might greet you instead if you go to the wrong place, which is unfortunately misleading users into thinking they have no choice but to make a new account and start buying PS3 games again – or give up entirely. Below are screenshots of where to go to fix your PS3 Library! *(A separate guide will probably be made for this since it is still a common problem in 2018, due to the somewhat hidden nature of this tool).

A stunning expose’ into one of gaming’s biggest and most recent unspoken crimes. A community of over 80 million players abandoned, arguably betrayed. A console comprised from billions in research & development labs with a mysterious leap in processor technology modern programmers could not understand. CELL costed $400 million (as of 2001) in R&D alone. PlayStation 3 was considered a joke to economists and gamers, but a hardcore following emerged despite the absence of proof for PS3’s power.

Eventually turned into the ultimate gaming machine through a decade of hard work and listening to fans, developing incredible games, enriching hardware offerings and leading the games industry to proficiency in using the CELL. All of that and then suddenly PS3 is abandoned rather than being allowed to run side by side with PS4 as originally intended. Account Glitches that stop players from getting thousands of dollars in games they’ve paid for years ago, Friends List Glitches that can bring entire games to a crashing halt; over and over again. Could there be more to the PlayStation 3 story than meets the eye? What was Sony’s biggest unspoken crime? And how were they allowed to get away with it?

When the PS3 first released, consoles were being bought up in bulk by the United States Military. It was even reported that to help Sony recover from its losses in R&D, the US Military would pay the factory cost to manufacture each PS3 at the time of launch – which was over $1,000 a piece since Sony was taking a massive loss on each sold unit. Respecting science journals published articles about the hardware and even revealed its primary use and purpose in military campaigns. US Military procedures had designed their own secure systems for quickly arranging an even amount of PS3 units together in the back of a transport vehicle for on-the-go supercomputer technology which they used to rapidly decrypt nearby terrorist communications.

This could mean the matter of life and death for some troops, and although the PS3 wasn’t the most powerful, or first processor to accomplish this – it was found to be the most portable and cost effective at the time (e.g. The Year 2006). The Army had accomplished all of this by installing their own secure systems created by Military Engineers and installed on normal PS3 systems using Sony’s Other Operating System PS3 feature, or “OtherOS” which was controversially removed amid user protest and even led to a lawsuit years later. Military charts of the time were released to the public that had shown Moore’s Law in comparison to theories about future versions of processors using CELL architecture, and the CELL was a line flying literally off the charts.

What happened to the CELL processor Sony and other tech giants like Toshiba and IBM publicly poured half of a billion dollars or likely more into?  Was another version of this CELL chip ever made, and if so, is it Top Secret technology? The CELL and Army involvement mark telltale signs but are not the only parts of PS3’s bizarre and long-winded backstory which stand out. Why, after so many years of effort, was the PlayStation 3 allowed to degrade into malfunction? Could Sony have had more reasons behind the scenes than just the obvious? Does the PS3 have something to hide?

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FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary: A Legacy of Art Grand Opening

Born in 1987 and gracing the video game industry stage touching the hearts of millions of fans across the past 3 decades, Final Fantasy is a game series that most – if not all – role playing game fans can locate fond memories from. With so many installments across nearly every platform ever invented for playing games on, this series first released on December 18th, 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System and continued to be a system seller for historic consoles such as the SNES and later Sony PlayStation.

On December 2nd legendary Final Fantasy artist Toshiyuki Itahana (i.e. FF9, Chocobo’s Dungeon, MOBIUS, FF Explorers) hosts a live art exhibit and signing session at the Gallery Nucleus on 210 East Main Street in Alhambra, California from 12 noon to 7 pm (Pacific Time) in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Final Fantasy.

With humble beginnings, “The story follows four youths called the Light Warriors, who each carry one of their world’s four elemental orbs which have been darkened by the four Elemental Fiends.” and this is how it all started. However, the industry would come to know the series as an ever-evolving franchise full of self-contained universes bursting to the brim with love-able characters, amazing gameplay, and touching art.

[Toshiyuki Itahana – Final Fantasy Artist]

That art is what’s specifically being remembered on December 2nd at the Gallery Nucleus which will feature free exhibits that do not require tickets. This event will spread until January 7th, 2018 giving many a chance to peruse the exhibits on display and the hall detailing a historical view on the art of our beloved JRPG franchise that arguably gave birth to it all.

Free guest tickets to the signing and live art event can be obtained HERE. There will also be a number of fan service items taking place at this time including (but likely not limited to) a free exclusive poster for any FF30th purchase made at Nucleus.

“Come celebrate the Grand Opening of FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary: A Legacy of Art on Saturday December 2nd, 2017 with your fellow fans. List of activities below:

  • FINAL FANTASY Merchandise Shop – Purchase any
  • FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary item at the event or simply arrive in a FINAL FANTASY cosplay to spin the prize wheel for a chance to win exclusive prizes!
  • FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game Demo
  • FINAL FANTASY Drink Bar (Non-Alcoholic beverages also available)
  • FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary Photo Wall
  • FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary Signing Wall
    And Food Trucks!”

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OpTic Gaming finishes first place in Call of Duty World League Stage 2 Playoffs Presented by PS4

With half a million dollars on the line, the top COD teams from around the world competed in the second season of playoffs for CWL Championship and a $500k prize pot. This thursday, 8 more teams will face off in NA Last Chance Qualifier. Below is a list of the results from that as well as the teams which will face off Thursday. Additionally, this August will see 32 teams competing for $1.5 million dollars as part of this year’s 2017 CWL Presented by PS4, with Activision | Blizzard teaming up alongside MLG and Sony to make history with a record-breaking $4 million dollar total prize count; The Largest in Competitive Call of Duty History.

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Rick and Morty Season 3 Trailer

Rick and Morty Season 3 finally has it’s air date! All-new episodes begin July 30th at 11:30pm ET. It looks like it is going even crazier and darker, just watch the trailer don’t listen to me.


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SEGA Conspiracy Theories That Make You Wonder…

Video game publisher, console manufacturer, creator to the favorite systems of many fans (Genesis, Master System, Dreamcast, and more), SEGA is not without its interesting background. With routes tied to what many consider to be the potential case for subtle occult hints left within the software of their games and even the menu system of their machines, SEGA is pressed to some conspiracy theories which they didn’t have to answer for in years’ past due to the advent of high-speed internet (Broadband) in the home and eventually in the hand (iPhone, Galaxy). Now we wonder, and without the ability to ask the past from the future about the present, we are left in awe to only speculate as to what happened to cause the stories below.

Fun Is Infinite, SEGA Enterprises. Signed By Devil.

Sonic CD Users discovered that if you follow a particular input of the Sega CD game system, the following strange messages will occur! At title screen pressed Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, A. At next screen enter FM no.46, PCM no. 12, DA no. 25, press start. Newer Versions Use Just the #s 12 and 25. “Fun Is Infinite, Sega Enterprises. Signed by Devil”  The theory has been challenged by some who say that the “Devil” word in Japanese was actually a mistranslated and instead an extremely similar name is listed as a signature from a member of the game’s development team. These stories have yet to be solved to this day and still the debate remains.

Captured Alien Audio if Saturn games put in CD Player

Planet Saturn and word Satan are the same thing also? In addition to creepy infomercials and bizarre hidden messages in their game systems, if you’d try to put the Sega Dreamcast GDI gigabyte game discs into a music player, you’d get an odd tone of voice from a commanding female officer of the Sega elite. Have you heard this before? Does it give you De Ja Vu? Do you feel like you have? The sounds heard in the background are argued between fans as being either the sounds coming from hell itself of mankind and beasts yelling out in agony or the recorded sounds of an extraterrestrial being held captive on Earth for humans to study. Be our guest and let us know what you draw as your own conclusions after hearing it below.

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Metroid Prime – Instrumental Cover

A YouTuber by the name of Vetrom made this amazing Instrumental Cover of the Metroid Prime Theme. It’s stunning and deserves a listen, my words can not describe what you are about to hear. It does seem the Metroid fanbase has new life kicked into after this E3’s announcements of Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid Samus Returns, which is a amazing thing.

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