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EA Sports UFC (PS4 / XO Exclusive) – Female Fighters Revealed Trailer [HD]

The Female Fighters Revealed Trailer of EA Sports UFC (PS4 / XO Exclusive).


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How to Watch Time Warner Cable TV On Xbox [HD 1080P Footage]

Check out this footage of Time Warner Cable TV playing on the Xbox 360 (this will also be part of the Xbox ONE) in 1080P High Definition. The following footage is basically letting you know that the Xbox platform can and will act as a way more high-tech cable box for those Time Warner customers who are sick of the stone age. There are soon to be more updates on the TV features for the all-in-one multimedia device hitting next-gen gamers this November 2013 which extend beyond what Time Warner is willing to cough up for Microsoft’s black box.

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Madden NFL 25 Review

Madden NFL 25 is an NFL Football game where you hold down the trigger button to run after catching the ball, and—haha, just kidding. The fact of the matter is Madden NFL 25 is at the top of it’s game, showcasing 25 years of innovation from the dedicated team at EA Sports who works closely with their community to remove exploits, enhance gameplay experience, and maintain realism which has never been matched in the industry. You could probably use this game to predict a lot, as EA Sports has worked very closely with NFL players to create the game by monitoring their body’s performance and their behavioral tendencies as well as implementing state of the art motion capture technology.

With the Madden Ultimate Team system you’ll grab a bunch of characters like a pack of trading cards after selecting a Captain and then go from there. As you form your starter team you’ll be thinking about the re-introduced Chemistry ranking that each player (and your team overall) will be rated on, doing things like forming a good Blitz defense or a tight running game will help you with getting rewards such as a first round bye while competing in the new Head-to-Head Seasons Mode in Madden NFL 25. If you form a team that isn’t cohesive but just randomly selecting players, well then obviously there’s not going to be lots of chemistry between them. The game also features long-term goals beyond the gameplay experience including leaving behind a legacy with trophies ranging from Legacy Score 2+, to 500+, to 1,250+, 9,000+, 13,950+, and more. This helps to really cement the game’s longevity in addition to the couch co-op potential which has long been a draw for sports games on console. Who ever said couch co-op is dead though? It’s certainly alive and well in Madden NFL 25 which supports up to 6 players at once on one PS3. Tell your buddies to bring their controllers, it’s going to be a serious gaming session this time around.

Madden’s Career Mode eventually became Connected Careers Mode in recent Madden history, and Madden NFL 25 basically evolves that to another level with Connected Franchise Mode bringing back what was good about Madden before this new vision while implementing what they learned from it as well. You can now also be a Franchise Owner and on top of everything else, you get to worry about the bottom line (dollars that is). In Connected Franchise (Owner Mode) you’ll be in control of “everything from personnel to merchandising”. You’ll get to pick everything from the team’s logo, name, uniforms, to even the city, stadium (which vary in cost and size), and still call all of the shots playing the Coach and Owner roles simultaneously.

Gameplay / Controls: As far as picking plays is concerned, you can rock with ‘Gameflow’ which was introduced in Madden 11 or you can go into Conventional play-books which default to “Ask Madden” selections in case you don’t want to spend lots of time picking plays. For me, Conventional gameplay (choosing what play you want based on looking at their drawings and/or picking them by name) is extremely fluid in Madden NFL 25. There’s no reason to complain about how long it takes now, it doesn’t take long at all. You can clearly tell passing plays from running plays and even though I’m no football expert I’ve always enjoyed picking my own plays through the years because at least I can understand what’s going on, switch it up when things aren’t working, and figure out what plays my particular play-style is compatible with. In the past I used to just Hail Mary everything, but Madden NFL 25 brings a difficulty associated with its realism which will require you to think a lot harder about what you’re doing.

Some other improvements to the Madden Ultimate Team system include throwing in players from the reserves much easier. Now you won’t have to leave the Best Lineup button to grab inactive players whose chemistry score and/or skill-set is exactly what your team needs at any given moment. There are 351 new plays in Madden NFL 25, 20 new formations, 2 new play-books (Pistol and Run and Shoot), and 2 new Legend Coach Play-books (Mike Ditka and Jimmy Johnson). Without boring you all with an exhaustive list of every single changed made to the game (you can probably bug EA Sports for one of those), let me just say that blocking, running the ball, and blitzing feel in some cases a lot more fluid, and in all situations things feel at least slightly more accurate to what your intent was when pressing the buttons.

Input lag is virtually non-existent, and predictive patterns at EA Sports are really getting to an overly impressive level that easily makes the Action / Adventure genre’s sometimes frustrating lack of accurate responsiveness to your input just look absolutely silly. Playing Madden NFL 25 is as graceful as us old timers remember the old Madden games being on Super Nintendo and later the original PlayStation, although something tells me decades from now people will look back on this and laugh. With things this smooth on current generation consoles though, I’m very interested to see what the next-generation version of the game has in store for players.

Featured Player and Coach Legends in Connected Franchise:

  • Barry Sanders
  • Cris Carter
  • Curtis Martin
  • Dan Marino
  • Dave Casper
  • Deacon Jones
  • Deion Sanders
  • Derrick Brooks
  • Derrick Thomas
  • Night Train Lane
  • Emmitt Smith
  • Franco Harris (Unlockable)
  • Fred Biletnikoff (Unlockable)
  • George Blanda
  • Isaac Bruce
  • Jack Ham
  • Jerry Rice (Unlockable)
  • Mean Joe Greene
  • Joe Montana (Unlockable)
  • John Elway
  • John Mackey
  • John Randle
  • Kellen Winslow
  • Kurt Warner (Unlockable)
  • Lawrence Taylor
  • Marshall Faulk
  • Michael Irvin
  • Mike Ditka
  • Otto Graham
  • Randall Cunningham
  • Ray Lewis
  • Reggie White
  • Rod Woodson (Unlockable)
  • Ronnie Lot
  • Sammy Baugh
  • Sean Taylor
  • Shannon Sharpe
  • Steve Largent
  • Steve Young (Unlockable)
  • Troy Aikman (Unlockable)
  • Walter Payton
  • Warren Moon (Unlockable)
  • Warren Sapp
  • William Perry (DT-Unlockable)
  • William Perry (FB)
  • Coach: Bill Walsh (Unlockable)
  • Coach: Dick Vermeil
  • Coach: Jimmy Johnson (Unlockable)
  • Coach: Joe Gibbs
  • Coach: John Madden (Unlockable)
  • Coach: Mike Ditka (Unlockable)
  • Coach: Tom Flores (Unlockable)
  • Coach: Tom Landry
  • Coach: Vince Lombardi

Offline 32 Character Control, Offline Fantasy Draft, Create-A-Player, and a lot more features are also present in the game thanks to EA Sports listening to fan feedback, honestly there’s just too many to even list. If you’re a hardcore member of the community you probably already know what I’m talking about, but you by no means need to be a hardcore Madden community member to enjoy this game. Pop it in and start playing just like you used to before things started to get confusing. This game plays fluid and smooth and is fun the entire time.

Graphics / Art Direction: The graphics in Madden NFL 25 are the best this generation has to offer. The visual theme is all about realism, so it’s obvious what Art Direction you should expect out of Madden NFL 25. Gameplay everything looks great, and you really get immersed in what’s going on, you never have to guess or look passed pixel problems. The replays are surreal and make things look even better.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: In Madden NFL 25, the commentary feels real, I honestly don’t know how they’ve done it. Instead of just hearing what may have sounded like automated code in the past, it actually feels like the commentators are really watching the match live. EA Sports has always had advanced methods to make this type of audio illusion of realism but there were always subtle hints that gave it away, now they’ll basically tell you how to win. In Madden NFL 25 the commentary is indistinguishable from a real live football match on television’s commentary. You’ll even catch them making long term observations and criticisms about the way the NFL has changed over the 25 years since Madden has been bringing the sport to life for those of us who aren’t good enough to play this sport for a living.

Multiplayer Aspect: Online Matches are matched depending on how close somebody is to Skill Level with you. If you don’t want to wait for this to happen, you can go to Quick Match which will automatically find somebody further and further from your skill level just to get you in the game that much faster but still get the most balanced game out there. You can also hop in lobbies and chat while waiting for somebody to join. For the first time you can Download and Upload Player Sliders, CPU Sliders, Defensive Play-books, Rosters, Offensive Play-books, and more using the Madden Share system on PS3 and Xbox 360’s EA Sports Network. “Warning: The contents of this file may contain offensive language”; bring it on baby! The Main Menu has been redesigned and feels like Windows 8 / PlayStation Store the way it’s got tiles that are easy to navigate and identify.

Replay Ability- Very High

Engine Performance: The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game are using the Infinity Engine 2 while the upcoming Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4 versions will use the new Ignite game engine. We reviewed this game on PS3 and experienced no glitches during our play-through.

Final Verdict: There are some people out there who say “I don’t like sports games”, there are even some who complain that sports games are released yearly. To those people I challenge you to actually pick up this game either as a rental or purchase and find out how Madden NFL 25 is bringing back the classic feel of football video games being as much about the video game experience and gameplay as they were about football. You don’t need to have a favorite team or care who throws the ball the best where you come from to enjoy Madden NFL 25, and if you are a sports buff there’s no doubt that the massive roster, new innovations in Connected Franchise Mode, the Madden Ultimate Team system, and improvements all around in terms of realism; you’ll be satisfied with this title.

The only reason this game is not a 10/10 Platinum Game is because the current generation hardware is feeling outdated and at some points might be having trouble pushing the boundaries and keeping up with the innovations EA Sports has in store for Madden NFL 25. Overall, RealGamerNewz scores this game a solid 9/10 and it has earned itself an RGN Rating of Gold. This game is being advertised by EA Sports as a return to the nostalgia of Madden but with the most evolved gameplay experience seen in NFL video games thus far, and we are happy to report that is exactly what Madden NFL 25 is.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9/10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developers: EA Tiburon

Publisher: EA Sports

Available On: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Worldwide on August 27, 2013

Played On: PlayStation 3

Next-Gen Version on Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4 Available November 2013

Review Copy Info- A physical copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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MegaRan + K-Murdock Performing at PAX Prime 2013

Along side Bit Brigade and The Protomen, and with K-Murdock AND a live band MegaRan AKA Random (listen to his music, HERE, I mean now!) will be performing from his extra large, gamer-centric catalog of hits from projects including Black Materia (Final Fantasy VII Meets Hip Hop), Ghouls N Ghosts with Richie Branson, Forever Famicom with production by K-Murdock the man himself, and much more. This is something people at Seattle, Washington’s video game convention should be excited about and look forward to.

You can also catch Ran doing a lot of West Coast touring with some East Coast, Down South, and Mid-West stuff coming to the table as well. Check out Random AKA MegaRan’s full tour listings by clicking HERE. To catch the official music of PAX post which also names even more vets like MC Frontalot as performers this year, click HERE. If you still haven’t heard anything from this artist, see why everybody in the gaming world and hip hop are going crazy at the originality being offered below:

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MLB 13: The Show – Behind The Scenes: Ad Shoot Trailer Released

This MLB 13: The Show – Behind The Scenes: Ad Shoot Trailer has been released by Sony and the team behind PlayStation exclusive baseball title MLB The Show which is returning for the 2013 round by popular demand. Take a look at this video and chime in with your thoughts on the title at our YouTube page or below in the comments section.

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MegaRan Music: Paris Update from the Eiffel Tower

The UK Tour rages on! Remaining dates:
24 April @ KRAAK Gallery, Manchester w/B-Type
25 April @ Plugged Inn, Sunderland w/B-Type
26 April @ The Corner House, Fen Ditton
28 April @ Book Club, London
29 April @ 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff

Hit up for more info!

Published on Apr 23, 2013

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Tristans Twisted World: Madden NFL 13 Review

Madden NFL is definitely one of the biggest games that comes out every year but never gets stale to its own dedicated fanbase. FIFA and Madden are the two EA Sports front runners for this current generation. The only negative thing about yearly releases is that they don’t always top last year’s model and changing things up in terms of gameplay can get messy sometimes. Madden 12 was a let down for some gamers, but what about EA Sports Madden NFL 13?

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: The soundtrack for the game is comprised mainly of classic NFL music and big hits from the new age of music. I would enjoy a tad bit more variety, but can’t really complain since on the Xbox 360 version you can enable custom soundtracks at any time. Audio such as sound effects and announcer volume is clear, the fans and players sound as good as they can with a yearly release. Surprisingly, the announcer’s voice work is good despite tons of recycled lines.

Graphics, Physics, Glitches, Engine Performance: The graphics are improved slightly from last year and still manage to capture the feel of the NFL. The physics are now powered by the new Infinity engine bringing different hits and a more realistic feel every single time. Unfortunately this improvement doesn’t come without a cost. The Infinity engine may use realism but adds tons of overlooked glitches. Sometimes the player’s character will be trying to catch the ball when suddenly it shoots across the screen and into the defender’s hands as if drawn to it by a magnet. The Infinity engine brings tons of new things to table, but this improvement remains moderate with the advent of new glitches also coming into the gameplay experience.

Players and Gameplay: The many variations on how some players are programmed makes them different to play as. For example, when playing as RG3 players can run away from defenders a whole lot easier. When playing as Big Ben players can break tackles easier. When playing as Tony Romo players can be sacked and fumble the ball easier. Each player is a tad different in the way that they are made to act statistically. Of course you can make your own characters as well. The gameplay is basically what you expect from a Madden NFL title but with more options and on the Xbox 360 version, having a Kinect makes it much better. This year’s Madden installment also has changes in blocking and passing making it much more like NCAA Football.

Multiplayer/CO OP: The multiplayer is a fun way to play either head to head or in CO OP. You can can skill rank by winning with their leveling system. It matches you with players that are similar to your rank. To play with other friends I suggest communication because random CO OP is not the way to go. Getting to how the match’s quality is improved from the lag fest of Madden 12.

Connected Careers: The new idea of everyone being able to play together or play solo as either coach and player brings Madden NFL 13 to a new level. If you play as coach you can make your own, play as current, or even play as a legend. A player career is pretty much the same way with a created player, current player, or legend. You can take your player and coach until you retire and see if you are good enough for the Hall of Fame. The main goal is similar to game modes that appeared in earlier entries to the Madden series such as Franchise and Superstar and the new coach spin is similar to the Head Coach video game series. It seems like this idea will be an idea that many sports games will go into depth on in the near future, Madden NFL 13 definitely has a lead.

Final Verdict: This game makes up for most of the mistakes that Madden NFL 12 made, but not all of them. Madden NFL 13 causes the series to evolve and rebuilds the structure of its core from the ground up while keeping what was good about it, in more than one way. This game receives a total of 8.75 out of 10 from Tristan’s Twisted World and .

Replay Value: High

Overall Score: 8.75/10

Review Copy Info: Madden NFL 13 was purchased by for review purposes

Available on: Xbox 360 , Playstation 3, Wii, Wii U, PS Vita, and Computer

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GDC 2013: DualShock 4 for PS4 Has Two Cameras On It, 3D Player Tracking

The upcoming PlayStation 4 from Sony has been detailed and the full specs brought further in-depth at the Game Developer Conference 2013 game media and developer industry event being held today in San Francisco, California. Click Here if you missed it. Late-breaking developments of the specs for the DualShock 4 that will replace DualShock 3 for the PlayStation 4’s main controller interface.

The DualShock 4 controller will reportedly feature stereo camera functionality for 3D Position Tracking of players. The DualShock 4 also contains an LED light bar, headphone jack, multi-touch screen in the center of the controller, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis gyroscope. [Source: Yahoo / BGR News]

RealGamerNewz has reached out to Sony for confirmation / denial of this news report.

Already known information revealed previous to this event: Not only will the device feature the standard X, Square, Triangle, Circle, L1/L2/L3, R1/R2/R3, and Start buttons there will also be the PS Button and a Share button.

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