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Launch Week Impressions: Atelier Lydie & Suelle ~ The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings

This year’s Atelier is the addictive and enjoyable experience RPG fans need to play. Charming environments with a familiar atmosphere and interesting gameplay mechanics that evolve at just the right pace remove any desire to put Atelier Lydie & Suelle ~ The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings down. With Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, PS4, and PC versions now available worldwide, there’s no excuse to miss out on this enthralling combination of classic turn-based battles, story-driven adventure, good old fashioned loot collecting, prestige-driven questing, equipment crafting, mini-games like fishing, and of course, alchemy.

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Titanfall 2 Wargames Update Impressions

The latest update for the underappreciated Titanfall 2 released yesterday for free. It featured a new map, some new features, and some tweaks to the UI. First off let’s talk about the map. This was a map that was also DLC in the first Titanfall game, I liked it back then, and I really like it now. It is probably one of the Titanfall maps that takes full advantage of your mobility, plenty of areas to climb, jump, and wall run. Combat has a nice flow all over the battlefield as it is more of a medium sized map, which the base game was lacking.

Another new feature is allowing players to hold 3 weapons now, like in the first Titanfall. This feature is greatly welcomed. No longer will you have to decide between a anti-titan weapon and a pistol. Just go into battle with both. Now my only complaint is the transition is not as smooth on a controller. In the first game your primary and secondary you switched between with Y on Xbox, and hit the left d-pad to bring out your anti-titan weapon. Now you can decide whether the pistol or anti-titan weapon is your secondary, but if you want access to that third gun you’ll have to hold down Y, I am sure this is no issue on PC but with a controller it feels a tad clunky.

All and all there really is not too much to talk about here, a great gameplay change, a new map, it’s great. Titanfall 2 continues to get better with each piece of free additional content, one of the rare multiplayer games that just doesn’t get old.

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New Must-Play PC Indie Games on Steam – Mid-April 2017 Roundup

Steam is an ever-giving platform full of vibrancy, new ideas, and this list may not have scratched the surface as much as our fine-toothed comb of gaming taste normally would – but these are just a handful of the games zipping by that are truly worthy of our time – and we don’t want to miss them. If you know anybody new to PC Gaming who hasn’t experienced the match of indie art styles and creative gameplay design, direct them here and feel free to give shout-outs to other titles new and old in the comments section which other Steam gamers might find enjoyable!


Genre: Violent, Action, Simulation, Strategy
Noteworthy Features: Roman Gladiator Management Sim with the ability to control units directly.
Development Studio: DolphinBarn
Release Date: April 3, 2017

More Info / Buy Now – Steam

Beat Cop

Genre: Violent, Indie, Adventure
Noteworthy Features: 80’s police simulator with retro-inspired pixel art and gameplay design focused around fun factor.
Development Studio: Pixel Crow / Publisher: 11bit Studios
Release Date: March 30, 2017

More Info / Buy Now – Steam


Genre: Battle Royale
Noteworthy Features: The new kid on the block for competitive multiplayer online survival shooter games with over a million copies sold already has been taking the industry by storm as of late. Many enter, only one will leave alive. From the creator of the Battle Royale modes which spanned across ARMA & DayZ mods, an official H1Z1 mode now known as “King of the Kill”, and more.

The latest edition of this concept has been put together by the visionary behind all previous development attempts and this time has teamed up with Bluehole Inc. made up of veteran game devs. The title already has a lot of content planned for it, an extreme amount of positive buzz, and an active player-base with new optimism for a complete title coming to fruition in a reasonable time frame.
Development Studio: Bluehole Inc.
Release Date: March 23, 2017

Buy Now – Steam Early Access

Comic Star Heroine

Genre: RPG
Noteworthy Features: Inspired by Phantasy Star retro-JRPG series, creative and unique take on the genre with retro-inspired pixel art.
Development Studio: Zeboyd Games
Release Date: April 11, 2017

More Info / Buy Now – Steam

Mr. Shifty

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Noteworthy Features: Pixel Art Graphics meets fast-paced top-down shooter, compared to Hotline Miami – praised by many gamers.
Development Studio: Team Shifty / Publisher: tinyBuild
Release Date: April 13, 2017

More Info / Buy Now – Steam

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Persona 5 – First Impressions

I have now had some time to play Persona 5, and I feel as if I now have a valid opinion on it so far. Don’t worry we won’t be going into the plot at all, as these games are known for being very plot heavy. The intro to Persona 5 I have to say is my favorite yet in the series, such a big contrast to the previous games, jumping you right into gameplay as The Joker, the protagonist. You already get a different feeling from this guy right away. The whole intro hooks you into the game right away.

Now after this intro we have to go through the whole, this is where you will be living, your new school, all of that stuff. I have never really minded that as I like for the world to be setup, but I do take a bigger issue with this game’s tutorial more so to the past games. Persona 4’s tutorial last about 4 to 5 hours, long but the narrative is there to help. Persona 5’s tutorial takes about 7 hours until you can truly roam the game’s first dungeon, but even then it’s still in tutorial, not much you can do until you clear it. Now everything you are doing is great, it’s just a big slow burn and it really hurt the game’s pacing for me. It may also just be me, since I have been playing the series since Persona 3, and the basic gameplay has not changed to much since then.

The game features a much large map than Persona 4. As compared to a small town, now you placed into a big city with plenty to do, and it feels more alive with npcs walking everything, it’s really quite nice to see. Thankfully fast travel is a thing so you can get to places easier. I am also unsure about some of the main cast, I am sure the more I learn about them, the better I will feel. I do like how they are all sorta misfits, outcasts, looked down on by society. As compared to the cast of previous games being more flawless.

These were my initial thoughts on Persona 5, I like it so far, just the pacing at the start really was a drainer. Stay tuned in the future for my full review on Persona 5.

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Splatoon 2 Test Fire Impressions


The Splatoon 2 live fire event happened over this last weekend at several different times each for an hour a time. Since this was my first time playing a Splatoon title I was in for some really fun multiplayer action. Coming from the Wii U never really gave Splatoon the time of day or really cared to play it. So for the first test fire event I had to go in with an open mind. Jumping right into the multiplayer action there is turf war which is cover the most of the map with paint your team wins. Now weapons in game are as follows: Splatter Shot, Splat Charger, Splat Roller, and Splat Dualies. Each have their strengths and weaknesses for a majority of my time I used the Splat Roller as it seems to cover the most of the map the fastest. Wanting to make sure that everything was received from the test fire I did use the other weapons to find out how each worked in battle.



While testing Splatoon 2 the Nintendo Switch was actually in TV mode and the pro controller was what seemed the proper choice especially for the game being a shooter. The game can be played in handheld mode and with the joycons if that is more your speed. The controls felt decent at first since the game starts the user out with motion controls, the user has to wave the controller around to aim which is really a giant pain in the ass. Once this was turned off the game feels really good to play especially with the pro controller.

Now the game for the short time spent with it was really a blast to play and can’t wait for this game to come out there was definitely some problems. In multiplayer there is no sort of voice chat with teammates but this could be added later since Nintendo doesn’t have a proper online system yet. This would make the game a lot more enjoyable so i can communicate effectively with my team so we can work together properly. Also the online was extremely horrible being dropped from games several times and no ability to join your friends games. Take all of this with a grain of salt since it is a beta and all of this should be fixed by the time this game comes out later on this summer.

These were my impressions, and our Deputy Editor Tristan gave his own as well. At RGN we want to have different options and different perspective on things. Stay tuned for our coverage on Nintendo and Splatoon 2.

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Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Starts Today

The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire starts today! We have people on the team that will be covering each day this weekend, giving feedback on how it plays, and how the servers run. Of course how it compares to the first Splatoon. Stay tuned each day this weekend, especially if you don’t have a Switch as of yet and this one of the game’s you’ll be interested in from Nintendo. The times are listed below, with our first time today starting at 3 pm eastern time. We hope to see those of you have a Switch out there. Get splatted!

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Splatoon 2 Global Testfire – First Impressions

As we all know the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire launched today at about 3 pm eastern for us folks over here. Now what can we say about it now it’s out? Well the first thing I noticed is it feels slower than the first game, not drastically but it did not have the same level of speed as the first game did, but at the same when you get in one on one fights with another inkling, especially when you have the new Splat Dualies weapon, dodging each other left and right, it feels intense.

Now some other changes have been made as well it seems. Some new abilities like hovering with the jet-pack and firing down ink from above. Or this new weird lock-on splat device, which I never hit anybody with. But familiar weapons return, such as my personal favorite from the first game, the Splat Roller. Rolling over enemies feels a tad more responsive in this game, that could be due to the HD rumble, or maybe something else. The Splat Dualies were the funnest thing to use, dodging left and right in enemy encounters and just being able to splat with two weapons in hand felt super fun and super satisfying to me. Weapons like the Splattershot and the Splat Charger I don’t care much for, being an standard assault weapon, and weird sniper weapon.

The game of course brings back the famous motion controls that people used in the first game. Personally I don’t care too much for them and after playing with motion controls for a match I turned them off. I tested all the control options we had available, starting with the joycons in the grip. Which feels just fine to me, but when you take them out of the grip, for this game it just doesn’t work for me. In a shooter I need something to hold onto, so back into the grip they went. Now the pro controller is the way to play this game, feels perfect and smooth, almost like it was made just play Splatoon 2. They game does work well in handheld mode, but this is something I’d rather play on my TV so that’s where a majority of my matches were played at. The game ran at a smooth 60fps never dropping in my experience, and the servers for the most part were really good. I got into a game right away after finishing the tutorial they make you do. But about 30 to 40 minutes into it is when I noticed some lag and some game crashes, likely from more and more people signing on.

Now this feels more like a stress test than a beta. Since what we have in the game, weapons, maps, etc. All feels extremely polished, of course the graphics is my only gripe. They could be touched up slightly, but that’s a minor complaint. I am sure this game is 3 months away at the most based off how it feels to play. I’m excited to see what else they have to show this weekend for the testfire, or if it’ll just be what we’ve seen during the first event the whole time. Regardless we will covering the global testfire all weekend long, stay tuned to see some other staff members opinions on it.

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Nintendo Switch – Initial Review

The Nintendo Switch has been out for three weeks now, given me enough time to truly absorb my thoughts, and my initial view of Nintendo’s latest system. So what is my impression exactly? How has Nintendo’s “savior” been faring at the start of it’s life so far?

The Nintendo Switch in practice, is what I have always wanted from Nintendo. Ever since they had the Gameboy Advance ad on for the Gamecube I had imagined them merging the platforms together. The Wii U somewhat “tried” to do something similar with the gamepad, but it ended up getting in the way of game development, and as a expensive unused aspect of the console. The Switch off the bat seems to be what the Wii U should have been in the first place. Now that is just some of opinion and previous look at Nintendo, now what do I actually think about the Switch?

The premise of Nintendo’s new device is being able to “Switch” between this home console, and handheld/tablet aspect. Taking the system with you to school, work, the store, lunch, a friends place, wherever. This is not what I’d call a truly new idea, but Nintendo knows how to make good handhelds as proven since the Gameboy. Being able to take it anywhere with me, seeing as if I am not home a decent amount of the time, it makes playing games much easier, I likely wouldn’t be as far as I am in Zelda if not for the handheld aspect. It feels nice to hold my hands wherever I was with it. The store, my office, in class, the restaurant, just everywhere. Of course tabletop mode works great as well, in someones home or out and about and such. I took my switch out to dinner with my friend and to a party to play some fun games, turning the two joycons on their sides to play some Fast RMX or 12 Switch, and some people of course wanted to see Zelda. It just works easily, and playing with the two joycons in hand is quite comfortable. You can lay back on your couch with them, easily in hand, of course they give you a grip to place them into, it plays more like a regular controller in that form, despite having smaller buttons and being vertical, but personally I think it feels fine. Of course as an accessory their is a $70 Pro controller you can purchase, it feels great but I don’t think it’ll be necessary for everyone.

The systems OS is very simple a bar-bones but it works. The games are in face similar to how the PS4 is set up. You have your basic settings, you can change your theme from eye piercing white, to the black theme that everyone should use. You can as many WiFi signals as you want hooked up to it, which is a big step up compared to the Wii U and 3ds being limited on the matter. The Switch has eShop, which at the moment is very simple and clean but will need to become more organized in the future, as more and more games are released. It also has dedicated news app, for trailers, new game releases, etc. I do like this feature a lot as you can find all your Switch news in one place. Outside of that, it is very limited to what you can do. Of course you can have an account that at the moment lets you have a friends list, buy games, and that’s about it. The key feature here is of course, playing games at home and on the go, and it does the main selling point very well, although the dock they give you, feels very cheap but with the screen protector I bought for my Switch it sits in there nice and tightly.

Some accessories you should buy are of course a screen protector. I bought a Glass 2-Pack tempered glass screen protector, you can buy this on Amazon for a about $8, and I use their products on my Switch, iPhone, and my iPad. I also bought a HORI game card case for $10 and it holds 24 game cards, so this will come in handy for years to come. Of course I bought the Pro controller as stated earlier and it normally sells for $70 and it’s worth it for some, maybe not for others. Then I bought the Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack, which allows you to take everything with you easily and handily, I do plan on buying a smaller carrying case in the future, but this bag is high quality and if you plan on dragging your Switch around a lot buy this, it goes for about $50 normally. Of course you should also buy at least The Legend of Zelda, my review on that should be coming very soon.

Now I have to be honest I think you should wait till either this summer or this holiday to get this. Unless you are a big Zelda fan, or just a hardcore gamer. I personally think it’s worth it to me since I leave the house a lot, but to the average consumer, I’d wait till games like Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, and Super Mario Odyssey releases. Stay tuned for all upcoming Switch reviews here at RGN, and at the end of the year we will come back and look at what the Switch has become by then.

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Mass Effect Andromeda – First Impressions

Yesterday was my first big delve into Mass Effect Andromeda. For awhile I was on the sideline for this game, I knew I was going to get it, but ever since it’s announcement the premise had me put off. It just seemed so different from everything we had seen in the first 3 games, and Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game of all time. So what do I think so far? Honestly, I think it’s pretty good.

The technical issues aside, which really are not a big deal, to me at least, the game is great so far. It has this nice blend of old Mass Effect, but also feels like something new, fresh, and the story and characters have surprisingly drawn me in. The designs of the new ships, aliens, and worlds are amazing and fit alongside the original designs. Whilst the aliens feel more alien in this, but still fit.

The gameplay is fast and fluid, despite the jumping and climbing feeling a little weighted and wonky. The nomad is fun to drive, a super improved mako. Most of the sidequest I have liked, expect for the typical collectathons that these types of games send you on. I am excited to get back to Andromeda soon, stayed tuned for my review that’ll be upcoming.

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PlayStation VR @ Best Buy – DJ Killzown Jones Hands-On Impressions

DJ KILLZOWN JONES Gives his Impressions on the PlayStation VR hands-on experience. More to come as RGN and our partners get deeper into technology and software surrounding the Virtual Reality Gaming Industry… If you like the video feel free to give it a share or comment with your own opinions on VR Gaming and what it means to you.

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Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power (Hands On) Preview

Hello once again to all the RGN gamers, it’s me again, John Clark, bringing you a look at the new Early Access game Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power. This game gave me that feeling in which I said to myself ‘I am not noing going to enjoy this and it’s not going to be fun, not my type of game. But I was so wrong! On so many levels this is what I want in an Action Puzzler, read on for what I think of this game currently at the 4th update version of release on Steam with modding capability support built in and everything. With over 7 million titles sold throughout the franchise thus far, the third entry can definitely be described as one of the more anticipated titles hitting Early Access.

Well, I put the game on and wow the graphics were not what I expected they were way better. There’s a single player as well and online play, and what I found really fun first was the single player. What I did not expect once again was the excellently written storyline. If you like games where you have to think and do puzzles, working out how to proceed then you will likely love this game and its creative bosses. Some aspects of the game could still be improved such as keyboard and mouse controls.

The mix of 3D and 2D elements is a welcome change. Although the series has always been somewhat 2.5D in appearance there are now 3D gameplay elements not just there for looks. Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief are summoned by the Trine once again and must make their way through a number of mysterious scenarios which will require the player utilizing all new mechanics in a familiar but totally revamped fashion.

Online gameplay is largely the same as what can be found in the single player story mode but instead of switching between heroes players have friends to join them. When trying to get from point a to point b is figured out then puzzles can be worked on next. When the people you play with online that don’t take their time though it can rush the flow of the game. Players can get frustrated with a lack of quick navigation and immediate understanding so it’s probably best for players to get their bearings in single player before moving onto the online platform itself.

So far the game has a few playable pieces of content which are highly polished but admittedly harder than previous entries in the series since there is now 3D navigation as mentioned above. The final version is aimed at being around 7 hours long for average skill players seeing the content one time around and new Challenge Rooms are being added still. As Trine 3 rolls out more updates we will continue covering the game, for now check out the Steam Page and Official Trailer below for more.

Trine 3 Steam Early Access Page

Developer / Publisher: Frozenbyte

Preview Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Hands-On Preview.

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Dovetail Games Fishing (Hands-On) Preview

Hello all RGN gamers it me again John Clark bringing you another game write up that you all may enjoy if you’re into your carp fishing like I am. The game is called Dovetail Games Fishing. This game hasn’t been out for long and it’s still getting made. The developers behind the game are really good at taking the community’s feedback on board so the fishing simulator we all would like is beginning to emerge. So let’s get on with the details of Dovetail Games Fishing as it currently stands today, shall we? Here we go.

So first off let’s talk about the game’s modes. There are currently 4 game modes:

1. Academy
2. Casting Challenge
3. Hunting Challenge
4. Free Roam

1. Academy: Let’s talk about the academy first. This is a really good help for new players trying to work out the keyboard controls to the game. It will also give a chance to learn the basics of the game.

2. Casting Challenge: This puts players’ casting to the next level. I am still enjoying to return to this one even though my accuracy is really not that good in game as it is in real life. Dovetail Games have managed to come closer to capturing the real life feel of casting than previous titles of the genre, which was one of their biggest goals in development. It’s really fun to do this challenge and I still play this every couple of days to see if my casting is getting better. I have nearly got it ‘to the t’, but not yet and I’m not going to give up so if you like a good challenge, well, this game mode is for you.

3. Hunting Challenge: Players unlock this by completing the Casting Challenge which I have not done to the best of my ability yet so I cannot really give this a proper write-up just yet so read on for my detailed thoughts on the game overall as I’ll return with thoughts on the Hunting Challenge at a later date (be on the lookout).

4. Free Roam: The game mode where you sit back, relax, and just fish! Until you can’t fish no more. 🙂

The graphics on this game are out of this world. You’d think the carp are real like you have got them in real life and the way the fish are animated as well makes it easy for players to tell if it’s a 5 pound fish or a 25 pound wish on the rod. Reeling one in has never felt realer. For example, if not done correctly the line will get too tight and snap, it’s only happened to me a few times on the game and it was with bigger fish but you never know for sure until you master this game. I put it down as ‘the fish that got away’ and kept on fishing.

The game has a lot of little touches that make it great like the way the rain sounds hitting the water, and flying planes passing overhead. When you’re on Free Roam mode and you’re sitting there with 1 rod in that moment it feels blissful and is very similar to the real life feeling of fishing for carp. Soon there will be updates adding to the amount of rods in the game as well as fish types. There are gravel spots where, if you get lucky, you can catch fish all day long. There’s also muddy, salty, and weeded areas under there though so be careful.

Looking in from above of the water, the carp cannot be seen very well yet but the graphics were recently put into the game for this making the water transparent. The splashing gives hint that some are underneath that spot and must be tracked to realize where they are at any given moment. It’s still a very good experience even in Early Access and once updates add in options for baits, more rods, and more areas then things will begin to kick up into high gear.

Of course with any Early Access game there are a few things that could use improving as well and hopefully will be addressed before the final build is issued. What I’d personally like to see when players put down their rods on the alarms the writing saying ‘fish here’ and rest rod need to go as it stays up on the peg and get in the way when you’re looking on to the lake to see where the fish are and can not tell where because of the extra clutter. Another issue is that the water looks like it’s still all of the time. It’d be good to see wind wrinkles in the water and the direction it’s coming from [*Update: This has been added in Phase 4!]. What would also be cool is if on the farm at the side the development team could put some cows and pigs and that in with the sand of them as well. Just some minor additions that I think could make an already realistic game feel even closer to real life.

All in all this game is good and is only going to get better. The team behind it really care about how people react to them making each update and they can always be contacted through Facebook or Twitch where they remain consistently asking us players what we like and don’t like about the current build as well as what we would like added into the game. I was saying to them something about a peg with a waterfall in it and now they’re looking into it and going to pop it into the game. When I think about the fact that it’s even being attempted I’m pretty happy to see a developer care so much about their fanbase. It’s not 100% guaranteed that this will make it to the final build but consider this, me saying one of the things I’d love to see added in the game to make it feel more real and even more relaxing when you’re on the peg fishing is being considered by the developers with open arms. That just shows a strong degree of dedication to customer service during Early Access which is what it should always be about.

Anyways, I’m hugely enjoying this game and hope the write-up was helpful for people considering picking it up on Steam Early Access. Take a look at the Official Trailer of the game below and be sure to hit up the Steam Page for the game to find out more.

Dovetail Games Fishing Steam Page

Developer / Publisher: Dovetail Games

Preview Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Hands-On Preview.

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Killing Floor 2 Beta (Hands-On) Impressions

Tripwire Interactive’s Beta comes to a close today as Killing Floor 2 will hit Steam Early Access in just a few days on the 21st of April 2015. The 6 player sequel to Killing Floor (an Unreal mod to full game release success story) is bringing improvements in a wide variety of areas and already has a pretty intense player-base who know what they’re doing. After all, the original Killing Floor remains one of the most played games on Steam. Tripwire has also done a great thing by choosing not to bring this title to Steam Early Access until it was already mostly complete. There aren’t too many crashes / bugs to be had even before the official Early Access roll-out next Tuesday, and though the dev team has stated they are committed to bringing out content piece by piece, re-balancing, and utilizing community feedback before doing the full release, current estimates are that it will only take about 6 months for Early Access to be over for Killing Floor 2.

Some of the differences the sequel brings beyond the typical iteration seen include a complete revamp of how Artificial Intelligence works. In Killing Floor 2, enemies don’t just get more health points as difficulty increases – they get more intricate behavior. The moves they use and animations that illustrate them are completely different as waves progress and as players choose harder settings to experience the game on. There’s also new breeds of Zed, persistent gore (blood never disappears), and an entirely re-tooled melee system that includes parkour with varying attacks to prevent the monotony of previous weapon bashing found in the original. A fully moddable game remains the intent of Tripwire who are looking to the community who made the original such a strong mainstay to feel appreciated and extend that presence to this sequel.

This time around classes feel completely different from one another, rather than just being there for aesthetic or numerical value. It seems the developers have really attempted to give concrete design differences between each weapon, each perk, each monster, each difficulty mode, and even each map as to avoid the copy / paste formula many modern video games are taking. Already you can feel the influence of that design style in the current build, and it’s hopefully bound to get even better as the Early Access model pushes KF2 along.

Thus far, the impression I have of Killing Floor 2 is a good one. It’s amazing to see a pre- Early Access build of a game feel more finished than some titles that are actually released as complete games to the market on consoles. If you’re looking for an involved shooter that takes skill to survive as a 6 man team against an onslaught of intelligent, evil monsters then this is one to keep an eye on as development progresses for sure. The hit detection, server stability, and fun factor are all there and in place. Some crashes occurred during our play-through, and we will aim to run another Preview assessing progress of the development as Early Access has time to pan out those problems as well as add in more content. Tripwire promises that in the full release, everything required to play the game such as maps and game modes will remain free, but that there may end up being cosmetic DLC and certain guns (this is described as side-graded weapons, not upgraded – in other words weapons that feel different but not necessarily more or less powerful than what is already available in the game).

Official Trailer:

Developer: Tripwire Interactive

Coming To: Steam Early Access (Windows PC | Linux | SteamOS) and Sony PlayStation 4

Played On: Windows PC

Preview Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Hands-On Preview.

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Sorcerer King Steam Early Access Hands-On Preview

Now that the fifth Beta phase has been issued for Sorcerer King it’s high time RealGamerNewz drops our thoughts and feelings on the direction the title has been heading in thus far, the development studio’s vision for those who don’t know yet, and a general impression on how that vision is actually being delivered. Most importantly, whether or not this game is even fun. But first things first, there’s a few things you may not know about me which I’d like to disclose immediately.

A quick internet search will show you that I’ve had my hands on two of Stardock’s other games in this genre (4X Turn-Based Strategy), namely Fallen Enchantress and Elemental: War of Magic. My experiences were not pleasant and the Reviews I provided reflect that loud and clear while still giving readers an idea of their redeeming qualities. The first one, Elemental, even came with a full length book. This prompted me to attempt and bring Brad Wardell onto a Podcast of the publication I was contributing for when I made the Review. Ever the busy guy, Brad apparently never got a chance to respond. Looking back I sincerely wish that I had tried harder, since now a ton of controversy has rained down on the industry and I feel it’s all tainted the developer to press relationship quite a bit, while at the same time causing far more open transparency (albeit through callous methods). That is neither here nor there for the purpose of this Preview though, but suffice to say I found it odd when Fallen Enchantress was released and had almost everything wrong with it that Elemental did (despite clear attempts from the dev team not to) yet the press gave glowing Reviews with high scores. I might have been a bit too harsh on it, but I lambasted it for being a re-hash and even felt that Wardell himself just didn’t know when to give up on a concept after I had played it.

So with all of this personal history / bias in mind, on walks Sorcerer King to my doorstep. Is it different enough? Is it good enough? Or is Stardock Entertainment just really good at PR and Marketing now? I dug in hoping to find out… Giving every game a clean slate to be judged on regardless of who made it or the past iterations is a concept I take seriously a member of the gaming media. Forgive, but don’t forget might not be an accurate way of describing this – but let’s just say that doesn’t mean I won’t notice repeating trends nor ignore them. With that all in mind I’m thankful to be able to say that Sorcerer King is a lot better than the previous two games I have mentioned, while still stubbornly carrying out their legacy. Before I deliver some of how I feel the game has improved, I would like to speak about the developers’ vision for this game and the genre overall for those who might be reading and wondering what they’ve gotten themselves into with this abnormally upfront Preview.

After watching many developer streams I’ve come to understand what the team is going for this time around. A more approachable game that gets things right the first time rather than asking the player to bend over backwards to understand it. As for my own personal thoughts, I am pleased with what has become of this turn-based strategy series. Sorcerer King is distinguished and very different from its predecessors in many ways. Most immediately recognizable is the fact that the game is simply much easier to learn, more clear and obvious in its functionality, and most importantly – it’s more fun. Even without cutscenes players will be able to grasp the story being told here. While a few very advanced strategists can point out features and details that need re-tooling, the game is finally complete in that any player of the Strategy genre will be able to approach it without prior knowledge of the series.

Stardock Entertainment has truly produced something worthwhile with Sorcerer King. Although some polish on balance can be expected before the final release, it feels almost finished already, which makes me feel confident in this evaluation. Normally for Previews we like to stick with being informative versus evaluative, but given the history of the franchise and the high price point of entry for users it felt necessary to be judgmental. Now let’s talk about the actual details of how Sorcerer King games play out mechanically speaking.

– Build outposts to expand your territory, claim resources as your own in order to defend the world against prime evil

– Train units to expand your armies, stack them and bring dozens into each battle

– Upgrade your city with buildings that unlock a more advanced civilization, and enhance your army (among many other things)

– Gain spells, champion attributes, resource modifiers, and much more as your units and structures level up

– Craft potions, weapons, equip individual units with everything they need, auto resolve battles, or fight them out manually in strategy RPG grid style fights (some battles cannot be skipped)

– Come across interesting and varying random encounters with your choices impacting what happens in the immediate moment as well as eventual future such as robbing people, recruiting people, saving people from monsters, doing deals with neutral parties within kingdoms you wish to sway back to your side and away from the sorcerer king, and much more

All the while the Sorcerer King himself will continue to visit you and try to tempt you to join his side or at least accept his aid. It seems like a terrible idea and it’s probably better to maintain your honor in this quest since the world is depending on you as the last kingdom around. Engine performance issues are less than expected given the instability of the previous two games in the series, but there are still hiccups in frame rate and loading which is a shame. Of course, that could easily be a symptom of the game not being done yet, as it is still in Early Access, and I have not experienced anything game-breaking nor trudging along levels of slowdown.

There is so much to say about this game and much of it is good. It’s very deep and diverse gameplay, lore, and beautiful presentation make it a must have title for strategy fans of any caliber. Finally it is possible to really understand what you are doing and function in the game without being a completely obsessed person scouring every detail. But this isn’t what everybody in the existing fan-base had wanted.

Some features have been “dumbed down” or removed entirely for the favor of making this game a better title for the overall gaming public. I want to personally thank Stardock Entertainment for making that difficult decision and executing it gracefully (most of what is lacking is actually in the game in some form, telling me that the dev team tried their hardest to avoid leaving things out) and while normally I’m against this practice in games, it made sense for this one. The games that came before it were simply not that good in my humble opinion and though I sympathize with strategy fans who meticulously frothed at the mouth over tiny details and statistical charts they were influencing, Sorcerer King is simply a better, more complete package.

Perhaps since the game is still in Early Access Stardock still has time to add back in some of the pieces that players are missing. But as it stands, this game is an amazing accomplishment bridging the gap between good design, responsible scope of core systems, and ridiculously ambitious scale. I look forward to possibly giving more Early Access Impressions, and definitely performing a Full Review upon release, though it will probably be around four thousand words or more because there is so much to cover in Sorcerer King. If you love the Strategy genre, buy this now.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Jon Ireson on 20150317 and was last modified on 20150317 .

Distance Steam Early Access Review

This game has qualities that are reminiscent of Wipeout. It runs great and keeps its frame-rate at a smooth 60 frames per second even when you’re going at high speeds and when things get hectic. The only thing that keeps this game from getting a full 10 out of 10 is that we find the flying sequences break the immersion unfortunately keeping the player from getting in that full focus. Overall the game provides a psychedelic feeling of pleasure similar to what Wipeout could induce when playing. Even with the issue of flying sequences being troublesome, this game can still give you that feeling and players will have a crazy time playing it.

Players will sure feel that impossible feeling of Dark Souls mixed with the funky racing of Wipeout. You will die many times in many ways before you get it right. The boosting feature keeps you in check by making you overheat and you will die after keeping it on for too long. The enemies of the game are simple barriers to lasers that will cut you up and they make it hard to avoid them at times. This game is easy to learn and hard to master but it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

Editor’s Note: This is a Review of the Steam Early Access version of the game which may be subject to changes / updates in final build.

Check out the GeekEssentials Video Review below created for RealGamerNewz for more info.

Video Review:

Current Score: 9 / 10
RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer / Publisher: Refract

Available On: Windows PC | Mac OS X | Linux (via Steam)

Coming Soon to PlayStation 4

Written by Shanerr123 and TecRev of Geek Essentials for RealGamerNewz

Review Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Geek Essentials on 20150315 and was last modified on 20150317 .