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IndieSpotlight: TesserΔct

Welcome to the first RealGamerNewz IndieSpotlight. This series will  be an ongoing one through which we bring to the surface some of the perhaps less discovered indie games being created by serious developers in the underground of the industry. We personally spoke to the developers behind TesserΔct in order to gain a greater understanding of their project and have come forward with the following exclusive Q&A about the game for all of you gamers out there waiting for the next indie experience to sink your teeth into.


TesserΔct is a story-driven / First Person Puzzle with Action / Adventure elements and is based on advanced scientific theories in real life. The main character Sam (pictured above), was adopted and had a normal life until she wakes up in an unfamiliar facility where everything is falling apart. In this place where she has suddenly appeared, she is in the same year, same day, same time as she was before arriving here. However, she is in an alternate reality. In this reality she has actually arrived on Europa (one of Jupiter’s moons). In this facility mankind has created and cast out into the depths of space, the most dangerous of fringe science is researched and alternate reality experiments take place. The technology to pull items into other alternate universes was developed here.

The device that originally harnesses this technology has begun to break down Europa and there are Earthquakes happening all around, hence everything falling apart the minute Sam arrives into this reality. There’s also a weapon she quickly discovers that was developed to pull items from other alternate universes where physics are not based on the Higgs Boson but something completely different and therefore obey different sets of rules. Unfortunately the world that Sam has arrived in is empty at first glance. Dr. Connorry was trying to save people who were lost to an experiment gone wrong 20 years ago when he ended up bringing Sam into this universe instead of bringing them back. The same device ends up bringing the guy who was supposed to watch over this initial gun the player receives to his own end as he uses it on himself in an attempt to escape from the lonely reality he is currently trapped in.

Throughout the game players will find terminals full of e-mails that serve as back-story and scientific explanations to everything that takes place in TesserΔct. This is a game where no mechanic goes unexplained. I sat down with Propelled Bird Software who will be launching the game on Windows PC and asked them a number of questions from the RealGamerNewz crew, here’s what they had to say about their game.

Q&A Interview:

RGN: What can players expect in TesserΔct that sets it apart from other games out there?

Propelled Bird Software: FPP’s are slowly starting to emerge as a genre, starting of course with P0rtal as the flagship. However, we wanted to deviate away from how these have been set up by not working in the confines of physics, but rather just break the living hell out of them. We also wanted our game to be more than just something with a cool mechanic. We felt that games are slowly killing off the story for mindless gameplay, and we didn’t want that for TesserΔct. TesserΔct has a rich backstory, some given to the player directly, some given through little things in the game like terminals and other messages. We wanted our game to be meaningful as well as innovative, tackling it from both sides.

RGN: Will there be voiceover work in the game and who are the voice actors / actresses doing it?

Propelled Bird Software: Yes. Currently we are still setting up for the main roles, but we have work done currently for ALAN, the Heywood Bowman facility’s artificial intelligence, and Michael Burns, the original Catalyst technician. ALAN is voiced by our tester Michael Ortega and Michael Burns is voiced by our voice director Jordan Autobee.

RGN: Do the levels progress to scenes with more lighting and different environments as the game goes on?

Propelled Bird Software: TesserΔct takes place in a research facility on Europa. We wanted to make it feel like somewhere that people would live and work at. Players will be exposed to the surface of Europa, the dark maintenance sections of the Heywood Bowman facility, greenhouses, living quarters, offices, and even dive into Europa’s subsurface ocean, all with their unique feel and styles.

RGN: What games, studios, or other media inspired your game?

Propelled Bird Software: Our biggest inspiration would have to be Toxic Games with their game Q.U.B.E.. They were a team not much smaller than ours and managed to make an incredibly polished game with very few assets. We also have inspiration from Bungie Studios. Not so much because of Halo or Destiny, but rather their sense of humor. We take our work seriously enough to get it done, but in the end we still have fun doing what we do.

RGN: So would you say that the technology in TesserΔct opens up other “dimensions”, “alternate universes”, both, or in the game’s context do they mean the same thing essentially?

Propelled Bird Software: We can say that they are both very related to the technology behind the Catalyst device. How they differ, however, is something the players will need to wait to find out.

RGN: How many people have already tried the game out and what has the feedback been like?

Propelled Bird Software: We’ve had about 600 people in total try out the demo, between our two available versions on our website, as well as expos and such. We’ve had an almost unanimous positive feedback thus far, and whatever feedback we get on things people don’t like about our game we take strait into action and work out the kinks.

RGN: What was it like developing TesserΔct with UDK and showing off work-in-progress builds of the games at trade events?

Propelled Bird Software: TesserΔct has been like handling a kid going through puberty. One week everything can just fall together, the next we can be scrambling as UDK suddenly became a self aware killing machine and decides that it doesn’t feel like rendering the floor anymore. For the most part though, UDK has just been perfect for us, little to no problems. Demonstrating it has been something out of this world for us. We all came from a small town in Arizona, the one “Cars” was based off, with less than 5,000 people. Our highschool was less than 400 students. So when we showcased TesserΔct to the masses, specifically in Salt Lake during Salt Fest, we were a little overwhelmed. Not so much that we had to handle that many people, but that we managed to make something that we COULD show. Having the recognition that we actually had something that wasn’t just utter dog crap was mindblowing, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the embrace. Not to mention we had an excuse to dress our tester up as a giant pigeon and coax people to our booth. That was pretty awesome too.

Official 1080P Video of Work-In-Progress Game:

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