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Is Crytek Going Broke?

I take a moment to speak about the financials of a company responsible for the series that made us all say “Can you run it?” with bleeding-edge technological advancements that they later tried to bring to the entire industry. Unfortunately, most of the AA and AAA video game development industry has no place for that and would rather focus on ‘easier to develop for’ middleware engines like Unreal 3 and Unreal 4, leading to an interesting and unfortunate turn of events which led us to this question today.

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Fact Or Fiction: Xbox ONE Is More Popular Than PS4?

In the following video, Editor-In-Chief of RealGamerNewz Jon takes a minute to speak about a circulating Rumor regarding the popularity of Next Gen consoles and whether or not a console war is still going.

It is our opinion that each system has established its own brand of entertainment, and gaming flavor if you will, and that the days of choosing one are done for.

However, many want to keep track of these sales and trends for business reasons as well as picking which system to get first. For those reasons, I clarify the fact from fiction in this RGN Podcast.

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RGN E3 2014 Round Table Thoughts w/ Hands On Impressions

The newest member of the RGN Staff Alos Tucker, who was on the E3 Show Floor, and RGN’s Editor-In-Chief Jon Ireson take part in the first Round Table Thoughts Podcast presented by RealGamerNewz pertaining to the E3 2014 Event that just wrapped up this week – showing off gaming’s best foot forward for the upcoming future of Xbox ONE, PS4, and Wii U.

In the following show Alos gives his hands on impressions on the newest E3 Build of many hot and anticipated titles (and some not so hot). We also discuss industry topics emerging from the event and the future of the industry based on what is being seen publicly at this major industry trade event. Check it out and let us know what you’re hype for in 2014 and 2015 game releases.

Click on the topic to be taken directly to that point in the video:

00:02:53 Rainbow Six: Siege (Hands On E3 Build Impressions)

00:07:30 Evolve (Hands On E3 Build Impressions)

00:15:21 Super Smash Bros. (Hands On E3 Build Impressions)

00:17:50 Assassin’s Creed Unity (In-Depth Demo Impressions)

00:19:50 AAA Companies Uniting + Making More Exclusives This Gen?

00:29:55 Is PlayStation TV + 3DS Killing Out PS Vita?

00:36:06 Destiny (Competitive Hands On E3 Build Impressions)

00:44:03 Sunset Overdrive (Co-Op Hands On E3 Build Impressions)

00:47:09 The Crew (Co-Op Hands On E3 Build Impressions)

00:50:17 Fable Legends (Dungeon Hands On E3 Build Impressions)

1:00:27 Arena Of Fate (MOBA by Crytek Hands On E3 Build Impressions)
 – Game will also hit consoles (take a listen to find out which ones as well as the source and more info).

1:17:22 Arkham Knight (Behind the Closed Doors @E3 Info)
– The Batmobile alone is made out of more polygons than two entire Arkham games combined, that’s why there will be no last-gen version of Arkham Knight, “Next Gen is Here” (take a listen to find out the source and more info).

1:10:39 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Behind the Closed Doors @E3 Info)

1:13:43 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Behind the Closed Doors @E3 Info)

1:16:37 The Division (Behind the Closed Doors @E3 Info)

1:21:00 HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age (Behind the Closed Doors @E3 Info)

1:23:53 RGN E3 2014 Round Table Conclusions

Full Video Below:

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Operation Zero is Seeking the Localization of the New Fatal Frame Installment on Nintendo Wii U

Photo Credit: Obaforums

Editor’s Note: Operation Zero is a push from the video games community numbering over 1,900 strong so far on Facebook alone, and is currently entering its next phase. Gamers who want to see the Fatal Frame series localized to the Nintendo Wii U console including the New Fatal Frame Installment are urged to participate in this scheduled and planned Call In / Write-In efforts but must follow the guidelines below in order to be kind to the creators involved in making the games we all love. Below is that set of rules. This post was created for the purpose of peacefully requesting the following projects be developed and to prove that demand for those projects exists:

Check out Operation Zero for the facts about Fatal Frame Wii U localization

(including the Petition)

And then use the instructions below to Request Nintendo’s Cooperation

Hi everyone, as you all know we at Operation Zero are planning our first write-in/call-in to Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe. This event is scheduled for the week of June 16 – 20, literally right after all the events of E3 are done. You’ll note that we’re doing a slightly different approach in how we go about this; there is good reason behind it. Please allow me to explain.

If we were to dedicate a deadline day to all time zones in the US, and possibly Europe too, it makes keeping track of things too much for all in the community to bear. That means we’d have to coordinate sending letters in across several different time zones and (in the case of Europe) across the world. With this new format, we don’t need to worry about this anymore. We can all take our time, do what we need to do, and get our letters out and our calls in by the last day of the aforementioned week.

With that being said, we have but a few simple rules for everyone to follow. This will apply to our current write-in/call-in campaign as well as any future campaigns we intend to do of this nature.

1. Be polite – remember, we’re not just writing for ourselves, we’re writing for all Fatal Frame fans, and as such, we need to act accordingly. That means we should try and keep ranting and cursing at a minimum both in our letters and especially when speaking to a representative on the phone.

2. Say thank you – This is important, especially if you’re talking to a representative. Remember, you’re representing not just yourselves, but our campaign group as a whole. The least we can do after talking to someone from Nintendo is to thank them for their time.

3. Be Creative – If you want to send in artwork or photos of your collection of games, feel free to do so; in fact, it is highly encouraged that you all show us your chops. There aren’t any rules on what you can or can’t submit, but make sure your artwork is tasteful and fits the Fatal Frame universe.

4. Be specific – the goal of this campaign is to endorse enthusiasm for the upcoming Fatal Frame Wii-U title. Make sure you present this goal in both your calls and in your letters, otherwise Nintendo may not get the message we’re attempting to convey.

5. Keep a positive attitude – Let’s try and put our personal feelings towards Nintendo aside during this campaign. Regardless of how dissatisfied you are with them, this is a professional campaign. Negative attitudes or approaches will reflect poorly upon not just our campaign, but the Fatal Fame fanbase as a whole. I cannot stress how important this is, as it will affect our mobility moving forward.

We at Operation Zero want you all to know that we’re very excited to start this campaign, and look forward to seeing what response Nintendo will give us. Remember – don’t be discouraged; any response is a good response, even if it’s nothing at all. This campaign is to increase our exposure, and to let Nintendo know we exist as well as our intentions. Any and all contributions are helpful, no matter how big or small. One call, one letter is all it takes to make all the difference in the world. We can only make this happen as a group—not as individuals. Let’s see to it our message gets through. As always, we encourage all of you to like Operation Zero’s Official Facebook Page.

Contact Information for Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe will be listed HERE.

ATTN Fatal Frame Fans – Operation Zero Write In / Call-In Announcement #WeWantFatalFrame

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PAX East 2014: Hip Hop & Gaming: The Next Frontier – Random AKA MegaRan, HipHopGamer, MC Frontalot [Full WrapUp]

Photo Credit / NA

This year’s Hip Hop & Gaming Panel at PAX East truly added to the previous experience being offered. In the following panel MC Frontalot, Random AKA MegaRan, and HipHopGamer take the audience on a trip through sound and gaming with the evolution of Hip Hop Music being the centerpiece of all discussion. Moving beyond a genre that relies on one thing and one thing only (street life) to please its fans and into a genre that is capable of telling a story from any walk of life or aspect of humanity seems to be a primary motivating factor. The obvious love for games was expressed constantly by the three hosts and audience with a great synergy taking place and many jokes and laughs reverberating throughout the convention center meeting room.

As HipHopGamer said at one moment, the people in this meeting room at PAX weren’t just here to learn, they were attending this panel out of the passion and loyalty to the video games and hip hop movement which has grown from a few isolated forums and artists shrouded in mystery (such as MC Frontalot before he revealed his identity to the public) into a medium potentially capable of supporting full time careers like that of MegaRan, MC Chris, and countless others.

Two very exciting projects were announced by Random (AKA MegaRan) and HipHopGamer during this panel as well.

1. “Untitled” (To Be Announced) – Random

Random AKA MegaRan is creating an instrumental project inspired by role playing games such as the Final Fantasy series, the newly released 3DS exclusive Bravely Default, and likely countless others throughout his gaming history. This project is meant to show the world how Random would score a major league role playing game if/when the opportunity comes.

Scoring a musical soundtrack to a video game experience is a lot different than creating hip hop instrumentals which are based less on the album’s overall flow (which is usually arranged later) and more of a track by track creation process which each track is individually invented.

Expect this project to be more of a full-on journey through sound that Random feels would be very fitting for the role playing game genre. If you can’t handle waiting, check out this Journey Instrumental EP for now (A Hip Hop Excursion), and stay tuned as we report more on this developing project.

2. (“There’s Levels To This Shit”) – HipHopGamer, Shade45, Statik Selektah, Slaughterhouse, And Potentially More

HipHopGamer announced, in response to my bonus question to the panel as to more hints and information about Hip Hop and Gaming colliding in the ways he mentioned earlier in the panel, “There’s Levels To This Shit” in which different entertainers and hip hop artists as levels to get to a boss.

So for example, Slaughterhouse members being levels that lead up to a boss. The boss of Slaughterhouse HHG reminds us all of course is none other than Slim Shady, Eminem, the highest selling emcee in the past decade at any given time. This alludes to more, and HHG tells us to stay tuned as the exact details to this project are still being worked out. Shouts out and thanks to HHG for revealing this teaser announcement!

Life Is An Open Challenge – The Barriers Broken Down By These Three Iconic Artists As They Grow Get Discussed

In the world of Hip Hop music and Video Games entertainment products, often times the two cultures are at a standoff and can’t vibe together. HipHopGamer noted this and talked as the panel spoke about games cashing in on Hip Hop culture with Random using examples such as Activision cashing in on the Hip Hop culture by networking with artists and making tons of money while doing it (both with some  positive and sometimes negative side effects).

MC Frontalot, the man many consider the founding father of Nerdcore, spoke on what the origins of the genre and himself / his history show about the two cultures merging paths and having an overlap. HipHopGamer solidifies the point by stating that many Hip Hop artists play video games and have become accepting of it whereas in the past artists or fans of Hip Hop would often front in order not to expose their so-called ‘geek cred’. HHG speaks about his songs and how we was inspired to speak his voice by going against the the corporate grain and launching his indie career as a journalist / hip hop artist instead of just waiting for it to happen on its own.

Challenges faced being Hip Hop artists discussed by the panel included HHG’s explanation of the ‘Shots Fired’ journalism series that he says is a balance to unfair gaming coverage. HHG clearly sees these opportunities of controversy to be a learning moment for all parties involved and encourages debate and unity in the gaming community and hip hop industry as well. HHG also recalled a story about Sony’s PR team giving him a hard time getting into the PlayStation 4 Reveal Event despite their status of working together on various projects. HHG shows humility in relating to those up and coming sites and alongside Random gives some key advice.


Create First, Apologize Later – Advice On Using Popular Samples Or Gaming IPs In Indie Hip Hop Music

From Random sampling Mega Man which later led to appreciation and recognition from Capcom, even resulting in them granting a license for the music and having Ran come out to sign autographs at Comic Con, to HHG’s production of Get Twisted which plays at the end of the Twisted Metal (PS3) credits and was originally created by HHG on the strength that David Jaffey and his people would like it once they eventually heard it, the panel discusses a philosophy of “Create First, Apologize Later”.

Putting down a creative production that is thought provoking and pays tribute to a brand so large as Twisted Metal or Mega Man is encouraged. Once those parties involved see your work of art, and an audience has emerged to support that work, it’s likely they’ll favor allowing such art to thrive rather than trying to stomp it out. But of course, don’t try and make millions off of it before you get that blessing or you will probably get sued.

Random and HHG also tell aspiring artists thinking about attempting this method of music creation to keep their skills sharp, polish everything endlessly until it’s at an extremely high level of quality and as Ran put it “make sure it’s ready to go” in other words nearly flawless so DJs, music companies, and the game companies you sampled can be proud to show it off some day if they decide to recognize your work. Ran also mentions what HHG said about staying consistent. MC Frontalot adds in that it’s great to try this, but don’t just grab the stereotypical gaming instrumental and make standard, expectable raps. People want to see something creative and new and there’s no secret formula to what will stick when a person hears it. Truly, marrying verse to sound is something that should be done delicately and carefully with the best possible product as the target result.


The Next Frontier – A Discussion And Hints About The Future Partnerships Between Hip Hop And Gaming

“The potential is limitless,” said Random in regard to The Next Frontier of Hip Hop & Gaming.

HipHopGamer has brought his unique Gaming Personality experience as part of the HOT 97 crew after starting indie webshows on HipHopGamerShow, YouTube, PlayStation Home, and other platforms and believes that it won’t be long before we see a Dr. Dre beats headphones line marketed next to a PlayStation 3 or other similar tech meets hip hop meets gaming matchups.

During the History lesson presented in the panel (which we will release coverage for separately soon, and can be seen / heard in the Video Recaps linked at the bottom of this article) Random, MC Frontalot, and HHG talk about the ups and downs of gaming cashing in on Hip Hop and vice verca. Activision’s DJ Hero is a highlight in addition to the Eminem song that was dropped exclusively to promote Call of Duty: Ghosts and MegaRan PAX Prime 2013 being host to Keiji Inafune in the front row.

MegaRan and HHG also speak of their Xbox and Twisted Metal concerts respectively with industry highlights like Def Jam Rapstar, Parappa The Rapper, 50 Cent’s Bulletproof (and its sequel Blood In The Sand), Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked Soundtrack produced by Nujabes and Fat Jon in 2006, Wu Tang: Shao Lin Style, Def Jam Vendetta, and much more. Stay tuned for forthcoming coverage, and be sure to watch and listen to the Video Recaps yourself as well to really get a feel for The Next Frontier as presented by these panelists.

—– Speaking To The People – MC Frontalot, Random, and HipHopGamer Respond To Audience Questions + More

There were two ppl who mentioned their raps. HipHopGamer made them spit on the spot; AND THEY WERE GREAT! It was awesome. Stay Tuned to RealGamerNewz for the Video Recap Part #2 to see the full audience questions, audience freestyles, and more including HipHopGamer spitting an entire Infamous: Second Son rap.

Video Recap : Part #2

See Video Here

Stay Tuned For Video Recap #2

#2 Includes Audience Freestyles and Hip Hop Gamer performing Infamous: Second Son rap song

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Microsoft’s New CEO Satya Nadella Speaks On MS In The Next 10 Years [HD 1080P]

In the following video, Microsoft’s New CEO Satya Nadella speaks on the state of the company across the next 10 years.


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Xbox One Achievements are Color – Coded (Video Here)

Xbox One’s achievement system will have color-coding options to allow players to see who earned an achievement while playing a multiplayer game. In the video below, you can see that a player earns an achievement in Powerstar Golf. The achievement comes up a blue color to indicate which of the two players earned it–just in case you’re not paying close enough attention and miss that it says the Gamertag as well.

On the Xbox 360 when a player earns an achievement it comes up grey and only the controller flash indicates who earned it, now things will be a lot more obvious. This isn’t exactly game changing, but it’s a nice little feature.

About 5 seconds in to the video below you’ll get to see this feature first hand for yourself.


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How to Watch Time Warner Cable TV On Xbox [HD 1080P Footage]

Check out this footage of Time Warner Cable TV playing on the Xbox 360 (this will also be part of the Xbox ONE) in 1080P High Definition. The following footage is basically letting you know that the Xbox platform can and will act as a way more high-tech cable box for those Time Warner customers who are sick of the stone age. There are soon to be more updates on the TV features for the all-in-one multimedia device hitting next-gen gamers this November 2013 which extend beyond what Time Warner is willing to cough up for Microsoft’s black box.

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Prepare 2 Get Your BlizzCon 2013 Tickets Before They Sell Out

Every year the World of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, Warcraft, and other Blizzard fans come together for an amazing event that people say is like no other experience in the Convention world, let alone gaming convention experience. If you are that guy that is like a video game historian and all of your friends keep on telling you how annoying you are, then this place is definitely somewhere you should be at least once in your life.

Blizzard Entertainment will be hosting the event Anaheim Convention Center this November 8 and 9 and you can expect lots of Cosplay Contests, Talk from Developers about the industry, and of course late-breaking news about the Blizzard franchises directly from the source.

“We look forward to delivering two full days of gaming, activities, and other entertainment, and we can’t wait to show some of the exciting projects we’ve been working on.” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, read our StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Review and be sure to consider that you can see some of the most intense eSports in existence with the StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals taking place at this year’s BlizzCon 2013 as well.

In addition to all of this madness at the Anaheim Convention Center fans and press can also hope to look forward to hearing from the teams at Blizzard directly about their first-ever console release for Diablo III arriving on PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 3 later this year without the PC Version’s “always-online” DRM.

Here are the exact details on how to get your tickets to BlizzCon 2013 directly from Blizzard Entertainment’s Press Release, including when you can get them, where you can get them, and how much money you’ll be spending if you plan on going:

“Tickets to attend the convention will be priced at $175 USD each and will be available for purchase from the official BlizzCon website ( in two separate batches. The first batch goes on sale Wednesday, April 24 at 7 p.m. Pacific time, and the second batch goes on sale Saturday, April 27 at 10 a.m. Pacific time.”

If you’re still on the fence about attending such an event, take a look at our browsable gallery below showing some past years at the BlizzCon event hosted by Blizzard Entertainment which can also be viewed as a slideshow by starting at the first image and clicking on the image repeatedly.

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Tristans Twisted World: Huge Xbox Live Spring Sale incoming

Xbox is welcoming the spring with a big sale for loyal gamers. The Xbox Live spring sale will begin Tuesday March 26th it features 50 percent off sales on big titles like Assassins Creed 3, Just Caues 2, L.A. Noire and many other titles. There will also be major DLC packs and other DLC on sale for games like Skyrm, Max Payne 3, and many more. For a complete list of all the downloadable content on sale, head over to official Xbox blogger Major Nelson’s Xbox Live Spring Sale story. It seems Microsoft may be getting ready to unveil something big soon with a spring sale and there upcoming press conference in April.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Tristan Werbe on 20130322 and was last modified on 20130322 .