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Sony’s upcoming project with AMD, a next-generation console capable of backwards compatibility with PS4 games as well as unprecedented living room video game performance, the PlayStation 5 – rumored to be launching in November 2020 or 2021 alongside a number of exclusives and third party titles. Pre-Dev kits have been received as early as 2017 with original leaks falsely claiming a 2018 release date for the console, likely the final dev kits could arrive in 2018 or 2019 in an effort from Sony to bolster a strong launch lineup given the extra time game companies will have with the system.

When will PlayStation 5 release? Games, specs, backward / forward compatibility?

That’s a good question. No one knows for sure, but there is evidence to suggest that next year Sony will formally announce and begin to reveal their next-generation home video games console. One of the hot topics of debate is whether that system is coming out too soon. Most gamers seem to be split on the issue, with one side claiming that they just bought a PS4 and wish to see it supported for a long time. The other side feels that the current generation has had its spotlight long enough and they’re ready for new technology to take the industry further. However, Sony may have found a way to satisfy both camps in a way that gaming has never seen before in the console space, taking a page out of PC Gaming’s playbook. In this article we will dive through the sea of evidence, hints, rumors, leaks, and probabilities surrounding the sequel to this generation’s most popular console and identify our opinions on what the truth is.

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